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Author Topic: Wimbledon - Roseangel - Asstastic  (Read 1783 times)

11 review(s) for roseangel (9 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline mgtow15

I would like to thank you guys on here for sharing.  You saved me from making a lot of punting school boy errors and gave me the confidence to make my first ever punt.  This is a review of my experience.

I wanted to see Hayley (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1651645) but she was busy.  I was willing to wait a couple of weeks, however I was contacted by CutestLucy via text (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3329708) after I had tried to contact her several times.  She mentioned that she had just got back from holiday.  So, I arranged a 2 hours morning booking for this Sunday and she asked me to book it on AW.  I tried to call her to gain more familiarity with her but she didn't pick up.  She texts me the next day at about 8:30am thanking me for the AW booking.  I tried to call her again and even explained it’s my first punt in my text message along with some of my requirements for the session.  There was nothing from her by 6pm.  I had no anticipation for the punt at this point.  True escorts want to find out how to please you.   Not dictate the whole mood of the punt.   I bet CutestLucy must have a whole team of regulars and doesn’t have to try anymore.  She has no vetting process and wasn’t interested to speak to me so I could have been a weirdo and she would have no clue.  Another WG with bad comms is Amelia (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3124834) she never picks up the phone, never replies to emails or texts  :dash:.  I wanted to give her negative feedback but I want to fk her so that’s counterproductive.  I don’t chase women and certainly won’t chase WGs.  They are supposed to lure me into their lair.  I shouldn’t be begging to get there or feeling grateful to be invited.

Anyway after being turned off by CutestLucy I decided to contact Roseangel (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3397413) because I got the itch and she was local.  She had decent reviews on here apart from one reviewer who described that she had horrific hygiene issues  :vomit:.


All done via text and a good thing too since her spoken English isn’t that great.  However, I did text her loads and she answered all my questions.  She did need to postpone the appointment by half an hour but I didn’t mind because I was running a bit late.


I booked a 2 hr session starting at 9pm that cost £170 (inc. Anal £20).  She offers your standard freaky service one level below porn star services.  She did everything I wanted except she didn’t do rimming.


A studio flat, which had a nice high ceiling, stylish comfortable bed and mood lighting.  She kept the place clean.  I didn’t use the bathroom so can’t comment on it.  The area is very upscale, quiet at night and she meets you herself at the door so there are no middle men.


Age: 25 (looked it)
Face: Pretty (7-7.5) -- Cute looking.
Breasts: Smallish breasts that felt really saggy on touch but nice large nipples.
Stomach: Lots of stretch marks and a bit pudgy.
Arms: Nice I don’t think she had bingo wings.
Ass: Pert and firm.
Legs: Toned, nice calves.
Feet: Nice small feet but plain no nail varnish or long nails.

Best asset: Ass.
Worst liability: Stomach.

My impression of her was that she was tiny.  I lifted her up to move her from the chair to the bed to change sex positions and she was so light.  I was expecting a much larger girl from her pics.  I think she told me it was her sister in the pics.  I don’t know if that was lost in translation so she could have meant something else.  I think she must have been very fat before and shed a lot of weight so that’s why she has so many stretch marks.

1.   She's humourous and flirty.  She seemed to be high energy for the late session so she deserves some credit for that.
2.   She’s not ticklish; she says she can control her body.  I tried the obvious areas and couldn’t get her to giggle even once.


The usual foreplay stuff; all positions.  Everything was feeling fine during the session.  But I started to get a bit droopy by the hour mark.  I usually prefer sex earlier in the day.  So I don’t know if it was that or I didn’t find Rose attractive enough.  I suddenly noticed Rose had a clock on her wall when things weren’t going to well.  My 2 hours were almost up.  It’s like I was in a Zen-like state and couldn’t snap out of it  :wacko:.  So she had to blow it back up.  Tried doggy couldn’t get it up and then cow girl it got a little harder but she was out of rhythm for me and I don’t like the way she executed it.  So switched to organ grinder which she liked and got wet and made me harder.  Yet didn’t get the balls to butt clap effect that would indicate I was going as deep as I could.  So turned her over.  She said, where to?  Slipped in the spoon position before she could process it.  She gasped, Oh!  That position felt great and my "manhood" was fully functional; she felt my full speed and power.  Quality pop but disappointed I didn’t cum more.  Maybe I’m a long session guy.  I can’t mechanically fk a girl, I like to know that she is turned on.


1.   Good enthusiasm and high energy.   
2.   Good tongue action on the head of the penis.  She licks it lovingly.  It’s was a nice sight looking at her going to work from a side view.  She has to be good at that though because she has a really small mouth so deep throat is not happening.
3.   Open minded.
4.   Good sense of humour.
5.   Willing to please attitude.  I asked when was the last time she orgasmed.  So she brought out a white sheet from somewhere that smelt of female ejaculation to show me evidence  :lol:.  She said the best time for her to orgasm is in the morning.
6.   She makes nice sexy sounds.
7.   She did seem to be into it.  There were times I could tell she was enjoying it.  Particularly in the ass, she made some long startled groans and she got wet in the organ grinder.
8.   Liked to be fingered, clit stimulated, having nipples sucked and squeezed and loves deep rimming too  :P.
9.   She smelt great everywhere; stunningly clean.
10.   She can take dick; different paces and depth.  She didn’t moan about it hurting etc.  She’s a trooper.
11.   It was a GFE in terms of slow foreplay, in a sensual in away.   Time just went.


DFK  :kissgirl: was poor.  I had to even ask her to use some tongue.  I didn’t like the taste of her ashtray mouth and don’t really like too much DFK anyway.  But it helps to get girls warmed up so that’s why I do it.


1.   She needs to sign up to English school.  Her poor grasp of English didn’t really affect her ability to take sexual instructions.  But sometimes she didn’t understand simple concepts like “small” so banter was hard at times.  She also can’t really talk dirty.
2.   She didn’t do my requests.  I mentioned I liked bright coloured lingerie and that I don’t like black but she wore black.  She said she would look for my old texts which stated my likes so either she could not find them or simply ignored them.
3.   Her mouth tasted like an ashtray but at least it didn’t smell when my face was near her mouth.  She smokes rolling tobacco which is the strongest stuff you can get.  I feel like sending her a vapor lol it was that bad  :vomit:.  I wish she could taste what I had to put up with for 2 hours.
4.   Poor pacing on her part.  I literary cummed on the finish line after 2 hours and my mind was in orgasmic mode so you need at least 10-15 mins of recovery time.  And I had never taken that long to cum ever but she rushed me out  :thumbsdown:.  It was 11:35pm though so I guess she must have been tired but I think she could have been more courteous.
5.   We never got to do anal.  She refunded me but that’s beside the point.


Attractiveness/Beauty: 6.5/10 (face score: 7.0/10; body score: 6.5/10)
Patience & Politeness/Friendliness: 8.0/10
Willingness to please: 9.0/10
Participation, enthusiasm and expression of enjoy: 8.0/10
GFE illusion: 6.5/10
Quality of available services: 7.0/10
Hygiene Standard: 10/10
English level: 6.5/10
Premises: 8.5/10
Smoker status: Heavy Smoker
Tattoos: Two tats I observed on her lower back and chest.  I liked the tat on her back.
Non-ear piercings: None
Pubic hair: Brazilian
Quality/price ratio: Good


Yes to tear that ass up (literary) but not right away maybe in autumn.  I presume she really likes anal because she got the most enjoyment from being touched in that area.  I know she is good for ass worship and an ass job and it would be obviously great to get her to orgasm.  Plus she’s local. 


She gets about 3 out of 5 stars.  It wasn’t mind blowing but I didn’t think I wasted my money.  Not bad for my first ever punt.  I hadn’t had sex in a while so can only judge my experience through those lenses.

If you’re a leg and ass guy like me then I recommend her and she’s good VFM.  However, if you are above average sized you’ve got no chance to do anal with her because she’s tiny.

Next Stop Hayley!!!
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11 review(s) found for roseangel linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline MintRoyale

It's great you had a good punt, but

I think she told me it was her sister in the pics

So she's a bait and switch. Which means you're not getting what you agreed on (girl in the pics), and there's no way of verifying with another punter that they'll get the same girl you saw

Offline holland

Thank you very much for your review. Very informative indeed.

Offline jingleballicks

The pics on Rosie's profile are somewhat odd. What I CAN confirm is that she (or at least the girl I've been seeing) is the girl with glasses in the second pic.

But what's VERY weird is that I've seen her twice now and not had a whiff of tobacco, AND I got rimmed . . . so maybe there is a sister lurking somewhere?

My girl had a tattoo on her back of a pin-up girl, but no brazilian as far as I remember, just clean-shaved.

The mystery deepens and only time will tell   :)
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Offline Ozy84

MG tow15 i think you should post your exeprience with cutest lucy on her latest review which was a negative for the same reasons or if she cancelled or didnt respond to a confirmed booking then you should submit a review reflecting this as it would be very helpful to punters like me who are looking to book her but may be thinking fuck it and try someone who dont think she a superstar within a week and a couple of good reviews.

Offline Newpunt

I saw Roseangel today and I can confirm that the girl I saw was definitely a smoker smelt the baccy and she tasted of smoke.

Also no rimming seemed to be on offer. The rest of the punt was as other have described small girl 2 tattoos, good attitude but let down by poor English.

I would still sat VFM at £80. I would return.

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