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Author Topic: Thai massage Aberdeen  (Read 1748 times)

Offline DazzieD

Seems to be a few Thai parlours in Aberdeen these days. Anyone tried them out? Any extras on offer?

Offline bbj1980

I'd be interested to hear about any positive reviews aswell

There is one just off the top end of Union Street that advertises on gumtree that offers full service... map is always part of the advert. Decent massage and decent service but seems that possibly girls changing all the time there.

Offline Bigbaz

Do you know where I could find the advert or do you have a link

Offline WeeTodger

Got a link? And is it a full service or just massage?

Sorry - been out the country for last week... adverts are on gumtree, easy to spot because of the map and yes full service is on offer.

Offline WeeTodger

I'm going to guess it's the one that says it's on rose St as there are two with very similar numbers (plus they are the only two that don't say is not a sexual service)
Fired a text so I'll see what happens.

Give Thai Honey a shout. Can be found on AW and Vivastreet.
Not best massage ever had but a good looking girl who does full service and a great one at that.
Centrally located around Union Terrace.

Offline Ad west

Any joy identifying the parlour with extras?

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