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Author Topic: Curvy Blonde Girl Teesside  (Read 773 times)

Offline gazbo1972

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Offline Still-alive

She says she's full of oriental passion but she doesn't exactly look oriental. The fact that the address is Middlesbrough, Saltburn is suspicious too, somebody doesn't know local geography too well. I'd agree she's probably Romanian and part of some pimps stable. Can't spell blonde either.

Ethnicity, mixed - half Romanian, half scam merchant!
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Offline Whitbyboy

Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing this girl?


Have you given her a call? Would be interesting to see if she sounds English

Offline gazbo1972

No call as yet and probably wont now  :timeout:
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photos look too good to be true , probably from some porn mag , you know the saying
"if it looks too good to be true ";
 you will probably turn up and find its some BB romanian with dodgy teeth wanting to scam you  :scare: :scare:

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