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Author Topic: Alma Latina/Black chocolate cricklewood  (Read 535 times)

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So after reading many bad reviews on this latina I still decided to punt her

I got in contact with her on friday and arranged a last minute booking, I asked her if I got there in 20mins, would she  see me? she said yes. I made my way all the way down to cricklewood, I got there litteraly 20mins on the DOT. I try to call and text her but I find that her phone is switched off, what a fucking shame as I was really looking forward to pound this bitch. :thumbsdown:

Considering I have been meaning to punt her for a very long time, I gave her another chance and arranged a booking for the next day, made my way down to cricklewood for the second time this week, thank god I drive or else I would be fucked. I reach the location and instantly ring her and ask for the door number.

I begin making my way down this very narrow dark road until I reach the gate with the number she told me, as im about to approach the gate I hear a voice. Turns out its another punter who just finished, so I avoid to gate and carry on walking whilst the other punter is still thanking the reception guy that opens the gate. After walking for 2mins, I begin making my way back and check if its clear for me to go. :timeout:

Back to the gate now, I ring her to open the door and a young guy comes out and greets me. I enter the place and im greeted by 3 girls which are talking to each other and dont even acknowledge that I just entered, it was pretty fucking awkward as it was a small living room and kitchen merged together. Alma then says "come baby" and leads me to a room whilst her colleagues are chatting pretty fucking loud in the living room.

Im now in the room and Alma asks me how long I want to stay, I chose 15mins based on the reviews on here that she likes to rush and it turns out it was a good decision. I give her the funds and she takes it to another room and comes back and tells me to strip. Her colleagues are still being loud as fuck in the living room which is a fucking turn off, after a bit she finally tells them to shut the fuck up and that she wants me to finish quickly in spanish, little did she know I understood lol.

She begins to apply the condom on my dick and sucks me off for 15 secs and says "15mins is quick baby". Didnt even argue with her, she gets in doggy and I see that ass, like most people already said on here, the form and structure isn't as amazing as her pictures but oh well, pounded her hard for a good 5mins whilst she kept saying "cum baby" which made me pound her even harder. Finished off and had a small chit chat, to be honest the sex wasnt bad but I enjoyed talking to her more, her personality is hilarious. I think we got along thanks to the fact that we speak the same language....

In the end I was making my way out when one of her colleagues found out my nationality was the same as hers forced a conversation out of me, I was there for a good 5mins which was fucking awkward again in a room of 4 people you dont know just looking at you after you finished fucking. After 10 mins she finnaly got bored of chatting and let me go.

Overall I really liked the punt personally, but im sure many members on here would mark this as a negative. Her overall appearance is not bad, I would go back her personality won me over more than the sex.....

2 review(s) found for BLACK_CHOCOLATE linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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