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Author Topic: Filipino Yokoescortlondon1 – Holloway – Time Wasting Tease  (Read 612 times)

Offline CelticWarrior2


As a confirmed Asian fancier this one immediately piqued my interest when she joined AW a few weeks back – one of my regular faves is also Filipino and the verification pic was not the usual fake glamorous or washed out hag but refreshingly fresh faced girl next door – waiting to be schooled and defiled.  Profile was the usual bollocks – overpriced at £150/£200 per hour but no obvious warning signs.  Availability very limited and difficult to accommodate around my work so I dropped her a couple of polite messages, sounding her out and with some helpful advice on an error in her profile.  No response after a week so I thought fair enough, for all she knows I’m a spotty teen wanking over my keyboard.  Sent a booking request the following week and rearranged my work commitments accordingly.  By this stage the old “I am only available for real professional gentlemen – Please do understand” banner caveat had appeared so she probably had a neg experience – occupational hazard.  This statement bugs me as each punter's money is as good as the next regardless of how they earn it and she’s a prossie at the end of the day - not blind dating.  I have limited but impeccable feedback on AW and never really bothered with it.  Appointment was fast approaching with no confirmation so I prompted her – giving her the benefit as a newbie.  No reply so I’d wasted my time and effort for nought.  She e-mailed me later in the day saying she wasn’t available and was abroad.  Clearly a lie as AW showed her accessing her A/C from within the UK.  I replied that I’d worked out she wasn’t fulfilling the booking, could see she was still in the country and enquired about when exactly she would be available for a booking.  You can probably guess I had no response.  A negative review may seem harsh over poor comms on a non meet but I’ve probably been spoilt by Chinese and Thai WG’s biting my finger off at the sniff of a booking and bending over backwards to please – literally and figuratively.  My parting shot to Yoko was wishing her good luck in attracting professional gentlemen with such an unprofessional approach to comms.  My gut instinct tells me I dodged a bullet and she is fishing for a rich fluffy sugar daddy and probably on the wrong site – better off on Seekingarrangement or the like.
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A negative review may seem harsh over poor comms on a non meet

If I have read this correctly, she did not at any time confirm your booking? If that is the case, and every other punter posted a 'review' of a non-reply, then this site drown in an avalanche of useless 'reviews' within hours.  :thumbsdown:

this is not a review.useful to let us know about some silly prossie but
best to post it here:


Clearly a lie as AW showed her accessing her A/C from within the UK.

The 'accessed from' part of a profile should be treated with caution. it's easily circumvented or can give misleading information.

It might suggest something but I would never call anyone out on it.

Offline eroticaddictwilliam

I say well done, you avoided a starfish.

Communication for me is important for booking whether that be email, text etc.. Those that have been good (also had some great response from some Asian's such as Chinese, Singapore, HK etc) and fast reply have felt they have been eager for booking, professional and organised. The meets also went well as they appreciated my business. Always an important screening process.   :hi:
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