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Author Topic: We've Got it Pretty Good in the UK  (Read 1173 times)

You're probably thinking WTF is this all about?  Well, I'm down under for 8 weeks on business and have been punting the last two weekends.  Brothels are legal .... but everything is so controlled.  All blowjobs are covered by law, oral on her is an extra charge and she covers her pussy with a piece of latex about 10 times thicker than a condom (it is shit), and very little kissing.  At one brothel, they made me drop my pants whilst she dons a surgical glove to expect your bits for STD's.  One Aussie at a Brothel told me basically there is absolutely no exchange of any bodily fluids.  Now I'm not interested in bareback at all, but this is a whole new level.

Private escorts might offer better service, but most start at $600 AUD for an hour, which is about £320, and many want $700-800 AUD per hour.  This will get you the same service in the UK that we normally pay £130-140 for an hour.

Did manage to find a South Korean girl earlier today at a Brothel that fucked me silly.  She was fantastic and very energetic, and actually did some french kissing.  But everything else is pretty much vanilla punting.

So when you think it is bad at home, in reality, it is much better than we realise.

Fair play to you for going for it "down under"! Bit pricey!

I have a friend who spent a lot of time down under around 10 years ago - he still raves about the brothels in Sydney.

You are right though - in many many respects - we are lucky in the UK.

I hope you enjoy the experience.

It is a few years ago but I was in Perth a couple of times. I was alone and the reason for my voyage is not relevant. I used the local paper and also AW and found Indies for incalls (I had a rented car) and one outcall to my hotel. I had a great time and wore myself out. I had a great time in my usual way.

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 :hi: Over ten years ago now I punted in Oz .....I should of saved my cash a sterile factory like procedure, ok its out in the open there with out the slightly dodgy serge types and they are controlled but it lacks thrill ......I reckon and I have said it before that the past few years here in the uk will be referred to as the golden age for both punters and the girls who are able to earn well and charge low in many cases there are still walk ups (did one today hope to do another tomorrow :D) at 20 quid and a tip
flat girls in most towns from all around the globe from £40-60 for a half hour 80-120 hr and others in the Parlour porn girl types for that special shag at 200-250 then theres the parties and swingers and couples.....You have never had em so good :drinks: :drinks:

Sshhhhhhhh  :hi:

Agree, things like this don't belong on a punting forum, we know things all sink to the lowest common denominator eventually !

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