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Author Topic: Multiple Reviews (BUDGET BBWS/MILFS)  (Read 1305 times)

I have made multiple reviews as I cant be asked to make long detailed individual ones for each. If you dont like big girls or milfs, this is not for you:hi:


Busty Vicky for play

Saw her when she was in a flat in Perivale about 2 years ago now, she's an introvert and is a bit akward at times, she's a bit chubby and her tits are sensitive as fuck, the smallest touch and she would be like "carrrreful sensitive" the punt was nothing special but for the rates she advertises, I can understand. I probably wouldn't see her again. But I would recommend for a quick shag and dump.


Busty Susan

This milf was one of the worse fucking punts of my fuckkkkkking life, her attitude is absolutely shit, she barely paid attention to me in the punt, wasn't allowed to do doggy, THOSE PICTURE ARE NOT AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF HER BODY, IN REAL LIFE SHES FUCKING CHUBBBBBBBBBY AS HELLLLLL. AVOID :dash:

it was like shagging a robot, I should have stayed home and had a wank instead.


Sandra crystal

I saw her 4 years ago, she was an okay punt. She's busty and has a decent face. Overall punt was decent, the only thing I wasn't happy about is that she questioned my ethnicity in a weird way and likes to use wipes to clean dicks before giving oral. Apart from that she's ok


Petite indian nadia

Very nice indian milf, I have seen her various times and she provides excellent service in her flat on mondays and tuesdays. She can hold an convo, she's clean and showers after every punter, has a stunning figure and great personality.  :thumbsup:


Busty Lolly

Saw her around 2 years ago, her body does not match the pictures. Shes chubby and doesnt look that good in person. She also stank and clearly doesnt wash on a regular bases, I would avoid.  :manhater:


Cheeky Lisa

I saw her this year, I was horny as fuck and needed a quick shag. On her pictures she looks ugly as hell, when I turned up at her doorstep I was fucking surprised as she is very good looking for her age. Her face and body are of high standards, her attitude was good and I would highly recommend.


Oriental Nanako

So I was curious about seeing this milf for a while, her pics are very photoshopped and in real life her face isnt all that. She has no bum but her tits are AMAZING and her service was very good too. I would go back....


Vicky Smith BBW

Saw this milf 2 years ago, her ass is HUGE and those pictures are not lying. Her service was nothing special, she didnt even give me a blowjob. Punting with her is just to put ur pencil in and go. Before the punt she will give you a long ass interrogation to see if ur a creep or not, worth seeing if you want to see that ass in person but if u want to see her for good service its not worth it....



I saw her when she was based in Luton, for some reason she wasn't that hot in person and I expected a bigger ass. Her body was decent, she rushed the services and is a clock watcher. I wouldn't go back.



I have seen her on 3 separate occasions, she provides very good services. Her bodys very similar to those busty porntars that are on porn website. I have not yet found another girl with such a busty body like her and at the same time giving a good service to go with it. You need to see her :wacko:


Amazing Suzy 4u

From the pictures that I saw on her profile I expected her to be nice and busty, but it was more of the opposite and her body was very chubby. She had no bum or tits, however her personality was good. She also refused to do doggy which is another let down :thumbsdown:


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Offline Riprock

Hi, how does BIG BOOTY TIFFANY look in person (facially)?   Always looks either medicated or on something in her profile pics.

Offline PapaSmurf

Thanks for the effort writing this up.
How would you rate Vicky Smith BBW's face?

Offline JustBrowsing2016

Hi, how does BIG BOOTY TIFFANY look in person (facially)?   Always looks either medicated or on something in her profile pics.
shes about a 4/10 facially
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