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Author Topic: SweetAsCandii - Leeds  (Read 1122 times)

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Thought I'd better give this lady a go as she's supposed to be the must see in Leeds
So I message her about 5 days before and she confirms our appointment. I book it on AW and that's confirmed straight away. Her text answers are not particularly up beat. Mainly one or two words. I message her again the next day to let her know what I would like. (All in white). I also explain that if she should be running late I may have to cancel as I have to be elsewhere after.
I get the reply "why would I be running late?"
At this point I get the feeling that this girl might not be that friendly. I think she knows she's the best, so I'm wondering if I should spend my £150 or not.
I message a punter on this forum and he convinces me I've nothing to worry about.

I park up 20 mins early. Plenty of parking if you drive around a while. I text to say I've arrived and I'm given the apartment block name and told she will text me 5 minutes before I'm due.  I ask a few passers-by and I'm at the building

All goes to plan and I'm knocking on her door.

In front of me is Candii; all dressed in white, the body of a model and a dead pretty face. Plump lips and big eyes. I'm guessing dress size 6-8.
Immediately she has her tongue in my mouth, then her hand is rubbing my cock. I have to remove her from my face, I request a shower.

Now I had nothing at all to worry about as Candii is a real friendly person with a fantastic smile. I'm offered a bottle of water give her my money and I shower.

We're kissing again but I'm naked now. I put my hands on her arse and pull her to me, her behind is perfect,looks great and feels like a dream.
I'm on the bed and she is down below and kissing and licking and I'm rock solid. I can't believe I'm having sex with this beauty. She starts deep throating me, it's amazing. I'm kissing her pretty face and exploring her body now. I get to her breasts and am disappointed by the hard feel of the implants she has. Her nipples get a good sucking and they are sweet.
I finger her puss and then go for the honey. No complaints at all
On goes the condom and the action really gets going! We fuck in every position,at one point she's fucking me facing forward and I can see her arse and my cock going in and out of her lovely pussy.
Candii does not just let you fuck her, oh no she fucks you, at one point she is raised above me with only her feet on the bed and a hand to steady her and she is banging out pelvises together,but at each upward movement my cock is fully exposed. I'm worried that, because she's going so hard on me, if my cock comes out she'll do me and injury! I can only watch on as this lady does a full workout on me!
The rubber comes off and I request 69 to finish off.
She is deep throating proper now as with each thrust of her mouth she convulses on me and I can feel it on my tongue that is deep in her puss. This really turns me on and after 5 mins of this I shoot my load deep in her mouth. I normally have to give myself a bit of a HJ before I can cum but not with this lady.
She did not swallow
Chatting on the bed we had a great laugh. I was then offered a massage, well why not for the last 10 mins.
The massage was absolutely Devine.

A great kiss as I left with a big smile.

Pros: kissing is proper DFK and there is lots of it. Body looks fantastic, dead pretty, fun with a good sense of humour, clean modern apartment, good music on, great oral and intercourse,comms fast.
Massage is out of this world.

Cons: comms could be more friendly, boobs didn't feel nice to me

Is SweetAsCandii the must see girl in Leeds? YES
Fantastic punt
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33 review(s) found for Sweet.Candice linked to in above post (33 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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Glad to see you enjoyed yourself  :yahoo: !!!

Great report  :drinks:. I enjoyed reading it   :cool:.
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