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In the mood for some vintage pussy I decided to pay a visit to Mature Alexis. She's been on the Edinburgh scene for many a year. A former top shelf model for the lovesamummy crowd I first tore into her a decade ago when she was based in Trinity. It hadn't been the greatest of experiences but with the mummy meat market limited in Edinburgh I decided to pay her a return visit.

On her website Alexis is still using the same pictures from when I first banged her 10 years ago so on arriving in Corstorphine I wasn't shocked to find a miracle of science hadn't occurred and that she was looking closer to 61 than the 51 which she advertises herself as.

Now when a whore should pack up the game is subjective but for me there comes a time when a girl hits around 55-60, things can start to go downhill rapidly. Unfortunately Alexis has hit this point. Hair thinning, face looking bit ragged, it wasn't a pretty sight which greeted me. I'm not really one to walk as at the end of day you're not looking at the mantle while stoking the fire. I said I was in a hurry so could only do 30 mins instead of pre agreed 60 which I could tell pissed her off.

To be fair she's got a decent body though it seems to be falling apart. Huge natural tits and a big round ass which says spank me hard. Anyway into the bedroom, clothes off and she started giving me an unenthusiastic massage before turning me over and starting on my member with a covered BJ. Wasn't great, pretty boring and as I didn't like the sight of her face I asked to fuck her doggy. Bent her over but after only a couple of mins jackhammering her she started complaining about her back hurting. Fuck sake, nothing worse than a whore who can't even take a pounding. Asked her to get on top but said she couldn't as she has a bad hip. WTF! Finally pumped and came inside her mish style before making my excuses.

Would I go back? No fucking chance. £80 for 30 mins with a stuck-up old hag, no thanks. She clearly doesn't enjoy being a whore but needs the money. Providing an extremely limited vanilla service with a shitty attitude when you're 60+ for high prices isn't going to bring many repeat customers. All in all save your money and go elsewhere. I'm now off to find myself an 18yo!

Offline ickydicky

we are all off to find an 18 year old :lol:
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Offline Andy1967

Have to admit I love a bit of vintage pussy, more to offer than the younger ones with experience. But think will give this one a miss.

Have to admit I love a bit of vintage pussy, more to offer than the younger ones with experience. But think will give this one a miss.

Same here but necrophilia is not my thing  :timeout:

Offline Andy1967

Same here but necrophilia is not my thing  :timeout:

Lmfao - chuckling here in Forfar  :lol:

they are fake boobs
I have seen her before and after

Shouldn't laugh, but "I've got a bad hip" just made me snort juice down my nostrils.....  :lol:

If you're looking for a quality experience in the 50+ age bracket then Jenny Fox (Bathgate) would be my recommendation.  Age advertised as 56 and I'd say that's accurate - I met with her at the beginning of last year and had a rather splendid 2 hours in her company.  I haven't yet got round to a repeat visit (logistics of getting out to Bathgate are tricky for me) but she's definitely a lady I wouldn't hesitate to see again if the opportunity comes up.

https://www.adultwork.com/866074 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jenny+fox

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