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Author Topic: Happy Tugs Leicester  (Read 2312 times)

Offline CoolTiger

Welcome to the forum drjazz....

A fellow, reliable, seasoned, punter with whom I exchange emails has been to this place, and his
comments/feedback to me in early sept-12 were as follows:

Actually used Happy Tugs when they last advertised on AW some weeks ago.
Call got answered by a guy but he was very professional and managed to "upsell me" from a 15 min session
for £50 to 30 mins session for £70.
Flat was where mentioned on profile (near the Tesco Express on Fosse Road).  Place itself was clean and
discrete enough.  However, found the Jap girl quite cold.  She seemed rather annoyed when I wanted to do
things my way.  As in I wanted to FK / Cuddle instead of massage first, which seemed to annoy her greatly.
Only at the end, when she saw I came quickly that she was like, I should have told her (I did actually) and
she woud have accomodated. She tried to lecture me that all WG have their routines when working with
punters and that I should let them get on with it instead of asking them to do things in a different order!  WTF!!!
FK and OWO was on the menu and confirmed by the guy on the phone.  But Fk was not provided and
OWO was rather "hands off". I half thought of calling the guy to give my feed back but then thought I couldn't
be bothered, plenty more fish in the sea.

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