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Author Topic: Mature Joy -Worth Valley  (Read 618 times)

Offline Mumkins

Hello Guys,
I've always had a great weakness for the more mature woman and this lady caught my eye. http://www.xkrcom.net/joy/about.html From her blog it appears that she also worked as an escort in her younger years as well. Contemplating my first meet with an escort and so would particularly value feedback.

Hi , Saw Joy back in 2014 while up in the North , a good punt with bells on. Sadly never got back to see her again, at the time I thought maybe it was because she may no longer be working.

Offline mediumjoe

Hi Mumkins, I like my women a little bit older but 60 is pushing it a bit for me and £150 ! havent done a report on her yet but saw Miss Classy. AW 1143755 the other day 50 with the body of a fit 30 year old nice house £100 loves sucking cock and swallows first woman thats ever made me come like that . For a first time I would recommend her [Diana] very nice accent ,little bit of a bush on top not huge tits but enough . She will look after, you number on profile Only one photo I thought she was reasonably attractive Best of luck.Joe

Offline Mumkins

Many thanks for the two replies. It's a bit reassuring to have confirmation that Joy is very much the same as the profile on her website. I will try and look up MissClassy on aw. I think I'll probably be more inclined to go for Joy though and don't mind paying the extra for a first time experience.

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