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Author Topic: Thai Girl Leicester - Any ideas on this one?  (Read 1334 times)


Anyone know what this girl is like?


Whats Knighton LE2 like?

Cheers - Dave

Offline Escobar

Maybe 6 months or so ago I phoned and agreed a booking, about 3 hours in advance.

Text stating I was en route and would arrive on schedule, approximately 45 mins prior to agreed time.

Upon arrival at given postcode, 5 minutes early, I phoned but no answer. Phoned again 10 minutes later but no answer. Once more 5 minutes later but once again no answer so left.

This may well have been a one off but I won't be giving a second chance, despite how appealing those photos are.

Offline richgreene62

Tread very carefully, i visited a place of knighton lane east LE2 and expected a 20 something beauty, i got an ancient thai woman, no fingering or kissing, no touching just a covered bj, never had any success with vivastreet
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That looks like Thai Malee who works and runs the massage parlour just behind Leicester train station.
Walking distance from the train station.
A good punt.
Lovely body and absolutely massive tits as can be seen from the pics lol

Offline leicesterdude

Ignore the "knighton" it's the name vivastreet give le2. Le2 is a massive area of one side of Leicester. 

Back to the lady, I'll put a review up now. As I've been there this morning.
Banning reason: Fluffy white-knight

Cheers Leicesterdude.....appreciate the review!

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