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Author Topic: Roseangel - Wimbledon - second bite at the cherry  (Read 1687 times)

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Offline jingleballicks


Rose was so good and such VFM the first time round (£80 for a full-on hour of kissing, sucking, fucking and arseplay (her on me)) that I wanted to try her again - and I wasn't disappointed.


This is one that not everyone will enjoy, but I did: waiting for Rose to answer her doorbell, standing between two pavement cafes swarming with yummy mummies and ladies who lunch, thinking: the person I'm going to see is SOOO much nicer than any of you, and in five minutes she'll have my cock in her mouth.

Rosie opening her door to me dressed in her killer secretary outfit: crisp white blouse, black skirt and stockings, high heels and the sexiest glasses imaginable: one of her profile pics shows the outfit but IRL she is sooo much cuter and sexier.

Starting to get Rosie out of her outfit: I asked her to kneel on all fours on the bed while I peeled up her skirt over her gorgeous creamy bum, and peeled down her panties so that I could feast on her pretty arsehole and pussy. Then I asked her to stay in that position while I moved over so that she could take my cock in her mouth.

Continuing outfit removal: Rose lay on her back with me straddling her face, facing her feet so that I could slowly unbutton her blouse and turn back her cuffs. while she sucked my cock; then I inched forward so that she was licking and sucking my balls; then I felt her tongue moving back so inched forward again just in case she felt like a little more . . . and as if by magic her tongue was swirling around my arsehole and even penetrating me with the tip. This was AMAZING, along with one of her cute little hands wanking my cock at the same time.

Reverse cowgirl so I can enjoy that gorgeous bottom, segueing into side by side fucking with Rosie playing with her clit and turning back to stick her tongue in my mouth.

First pop: Rosie sucking me off while giving me a prostate massage, and as on my previous visit keeping my cock in her mouth for a long wind-down, somehow managing to play with me with her tongue without dribbling spunk everywhere (does she store it in her cheek pouches?) before hopping off to the bathroom to get rid of it.

No worries about a second round cos she's right back beside me, more DFK (this is happening more or less throughout) sucking my nipples, teasing my cock, kneeling up to go down on me again although I've only just come 5 minutes ago.

Second pop: I wanted a mellow GFE for a second cum, so I asked her to lie beside me and kiss me while she slowly wanked my lubed-up cock (sexy glasses were on top of her head at this point - did I mention she has lovely hair?) and came while her tongue was in my mouth.

Trying to leave! My hour was up, my parking meter was running low, but Rose is not a clockwatcher and after she'd cleaned me up she was tickling my balls, stroking my cock and commenting on how hard I still was - if I'd had money and time I'dve stayed for another round or two.

Negatives: Rosie's English isn't great - passable, but never mind, her mouth is usually too full to talk. It's more than made up for by her attitude which is amazingly positive and enthusiastic, very refreshing.

Very high out of 10 - dare I say as good if not better than Ellie Rose . . . ? (*ducks*)
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11 review(s) found for roseangel linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline bestbefore

Well if she is up there with Ellie Rose then there will be a traffic jam getting to Wimbledon Village. How far would you say she is from the tube/train station?

Offline bestbefore

Thanks for the very informative review by the way!

Offline jingleballicks

She's up the hill from the train station, about a 10 minute walk - although you may sweat a bit!
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Offline mgtow15

Is her arse firm?  Not saggy right?
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Offline jingleballicks

Couldn't swear to firm, not deffo not saggy. I have no complaints.
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Offline holland

You may be disagree with me on this..but the idea that she does some deep rimming, mix with cim and ball licking...and then do some dfk with the client later ..doesn't cope well with me i have to admit :thumbsdown:

Offline jingleballicks

She does all kinds of bathroom mouthwashy stuff in between. But if you're not happy with bodily fluids this may be the wrong hobby for you  :D
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