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Author Topic: Little Fairy & Summer Mae Duo  (Read 905 times)

11 review(s) for Little fairy 4.11 (10 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]
2 review(s) for Summer Mae  (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Online biker-boy

Being aware of the ever-increasing popularity of Little Fairy, and disappointed that due to her only being able to provide outcalls, I was straight into the booking process to attend one of their THREE initially announced parties, soon dropping down to the single party which I was unable to attend. Disappointment returned, briefly, until the brainwave occurred that I may be able to utilise their hotel booking as an incall.  Back to happy level again as LF agreed to my proposal.  On the day, panic set in when the location was (inadvertently) broadcast, but chuffed when this factor was resolved, so back on track for the 8 pm kick-off. At 6.30 pm I receive a text from LF along the lines of 'would you like 90 minutes with BOTH of us for £200'. Literally, I was stunned. Never met either, always prefer to know any girl individually first, but get offered the Deal Of The Century! Plus, my performances haven't been great in two previous duos, so I was in a real quandary. Ultimately I thought I would possibly never get another chance like that, so went for it. A further text told me they were running a little late and so the meeting was put back 30 minutes. As I had the evening free, this was not a problem. Got to the hotel car park to receive another text about access problems to their room, but the bar had a tidy beer on, so again, no problem.

Eventually got to meet LF and SM in their suite, and I was not disappointed whatsoever. Immediately attentive, friendly, alluringly attired, and evidently happy to welcome me. General chat, presented them with a bottle of white wine and chocolate (having done my homework), and activities commenced. SM was particularly keen to remove my lucky boxers and demonstrate her fantastic oral skills, with LF happily occupying me with plenty of FK. LF manoeuvered around to sit on my face, which kept my oral skills busy, but I had to quickly stop SM with hers or I'd be exploding much too soon. I just had to sample SM's pussy - a very responsive girl. I was able to repeat the same with LF, and then I was asked if I wanted to cum over both their faces, so lying side-by-side I got more oral until I finished, mainly on LF's neck and outfit. Oops! 

Clean ups, genial conversation about parties (funny thing), then to my surprise the 'little fella' stirred in to life - again! Wow, I could actually begin to think about fucking both of them. Novel!! So, once fully aroused, both girls turned away from me and bent over, allowing me to take turns with both of them, followed by both lying on their backs on the bed and resuming the action. A couple more positions later I was struggling (I am old!), so the suggestion to wank my stuff onto their arses was welcomed. Happy days.

Ok, the 'on the fence' bit. On reflection, that phrase is probably wrong. Some background - without meaning to brag, I have only experienced a few duos/3-somes with the likes of NSS & Beth (twice), NSS & HollieLove, HollieLove & Beth (twice), HollieLove & Angelina - a pattern forming there, obviously - and a couple of parties, one of which included Welsh Brunette, and this one with LF & SM was high up there. My only gripe stems from the evident fact that SM was a little worse for wear and occasionally unintelligible, which I put down to celebrating the success of their party (which I was gutted to miss), but this didn't detract from the meeting. Also, it was only after the meeting that I realised there had been no specific interaction between them, but again, that made no difference and I realised that I was just used to the carnal activities of the 'Bristol gang'.

To get two rounds out of me was my biggest surprise, testament to their approach and abilities. I've had many failures, but this meeting was special.

Online Redevil86

I see no problems there B B ,  to get those two to pleasure ones self for 90 mins for 200 notes, fuck me , I'd still be wanking, having met L F today , well , she has my number, hope she rings me with an offer like that, I'd snap my legs getting there. Still, good experience.

Cheers BB!  :thumbsup:  Lucky sod! lol

Offline MrBond

It says on LF's profile there is no interaction between them... disappointing.

Online biker-boy

Yep, you are correct, Sir, and in my excitement I missed that bit. No biggie though - just meant I got more pampered than usual. 'Receiver' rather than 'giver' - kind of!

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