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Author Topic: Allegra - Agency Barracuda - pretty girl and lovely attitude  (Read 1112 times)

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Having sworn off EE girls after several disappointing experiences, one evening I was drunk, horny and took the plunge with Allegra, very glad I did.


The agency passed on the outfit request for schoolgirl plus stockings and suspenders and I arrived to find a slim, pretty brunette looking deliciously slutty. Not quite as stunning as the pix, but they never are. But she's attractive, I'd say 8 to 9/0 for the body, 7 out of 10 facially. Speaks very good English, is bright and enthusiastic. One hour incall, £150. Felt unrushed, but didn't stay the full hour, my choice not hers, too much booze.

So onto the details. Started with mutual kissing and touching, then OWO, I was standing, Allegra crouching giving me a nice view of her tight behind. Technique was fine, a little toothy (but then I'm on the large side, he says modestly). Sucking of balls and caressing of shaft, the vigorous sucking until a pleasing CIM. She retired to the bathroom to freshen up.

After a nice chat, talked about her home country of Prague, was ready for round two. She began by grinding her crouch against me in cowgirl, then more OWO. Then on with the condom. Began with her on top, she had great technique, crouching so she could really pound away. Switched positions for vigorous missionary, legs up in the air, then moved to doggy, all done with plenty of enthusiasm.  Struggling to come a second time (1 hour isn't always enough to manage two pops for me), especially with booze in the system. Allegra wasn't going to quit, more vigorous OWO until I had to call time, poor girl was exhausted. 10/10 for effort. She really gave it her all and says she always tries her best to please clients. Might book for an hour and half next time.

Flat is a tiny studio right by Paddington, clean, serviceable and easy to find.

Of the 30 or so EE girls I've visited, she's one of the best, matched only by Julia or Kitty who were at the same agency. Definitely worth a visit, treat her well, she's one of the good ones.

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If she's up with Julia & Kitty and still at £150, sounds well worth a punt

I'd definitely recommend her. Pretty, killer bod, speaks excellent English and can hold a proper conversation. With a lot of the EE girls it's factory line, but she seemed to really care about giving a good service. For me, I don't care about the GFE aspect, it is all fake after all. But she was good company and seemed cool about the job.

Goes without saying in the flesh she's not as stunning as the pix, but that's Photoshop for you. I think my ratings are about right. It's not like some times where you do a double take and think, yeah the photographer really earned his keep on this one.

 One of the rare occasions where I will be looking to return. Oh and she's from Brno, not Prague, should have said home country of Czech Republic.
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