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Author Topic: Hot Collection: various  (Read 3441 times)

These are short summary notes on agency girls I saw before joining this site, who I haven’t reviewed here but are still working. It is not an advert for Hot Collection, they are available from multiple agencies, just sharing information in the spirit of the site and I hope my comments help fellow punters make decisions. I rated it neutral because there is a mixture of good and bad.

Amanda http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/562 very good looking, great attitude, top notch service, saw with Lena http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/lena-aa who was a bit skinny with not great complexion, pushed herself in front to receive a facial which is always a good thing in my book. Heard she has become a little jaded. Polish girls.

Macy http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/macy the photographer has been kind but she is a young, pretty, if a little chunky Polish girl who delivers everything on her enjoys list with enthusiasm.

Carlota http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/carlota tough one this, great looking, slim girl, Russian princess but a bit mechanical and very vanilla, no deep throat or deep engagement.

Bella http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/bella235 no owo but very sexy, limited services and the bedroom was decorated with coins on the floor, a sign of good luck, strange.

Daria http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/daria648 Romanian but very much like the photos, great body, deep tan, good service, saw her with flatmate who has since departed – she was a moody cow with a strange sense of humour who managed to cut my bell end with her tongue stud!

Mona http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/myr75934 saw with Raisa http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/rwbc76c  neither are as good looking as the photos but when I saw them they had tidy bodies and gave a good, if slightly wooden performance, may well be washed out by now after a few years and a few miles of cock.

Lolita http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/lolita is skinny and severely photoshopped but goes at it like a good ‘un, petite, rough but enthusiastic, saw with Britney http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/britney who has huge floppy tits and is lazy and a clockwatcher.

Rubina http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/rubina9074 unbelievable performance sucking and fucking, in action is like a Duracell bunny, awesome sex but moans like fuck about other agencies & punters, deeply unhappy being here, doing this, jaded now, she’ll be gone soon.

Kate http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/kate big girl, floppy tits with a smelly pussy, more enthusiastic than I was.

Anda http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/anda she was so big I would’ve walked had it not been a duo with her slim, attractive mate who is no longer here, service pretty good but if I wanted a fatty I wouldn’t buy a prossie.

Julietta http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/julietta lazy 30 plus Russian bint, questionable hygiene, she was lucky that I saw her with Jasmine who was great, reviewed here in another duo https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=78073.msg973731#msg973731

Elle http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/elle beautiful, young, tight body, saw with Noel http://www.admiralescorts.com/escort/long-legs-brunette-34c-noel-2136 when they were £300 each and I had a good month, two of the hottest looking birds I’ve shagged, with tepid service, particularly for a steep price, at their current rates of £600 an hour severely overpriced and no value to most punters, unless you are an Arab prince with deep pockets looking for arm candy.

Maxime http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/maxime photos are generous, disappointing in the flesh, tiny Russian girl, very intelligent, great English but I wasn’t there for mental stimulation, delivered all advertised services but wasn’t very sexy.

Demi http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/demi hot, flustered and dodgy timekeeper, saw me with wet hair, presumably overrunning from previous booking, good performance despite the rush.

If any other girls re-appear, will add them to this thread.

Offline Jay72

Thanks mate.... Very useful

No problem, will try to do a similar job on Max's Angels girls tomorrow.

Offline ConRoy67

Never knew about Hot Collections - great standard can't wait to get stuck in!
Banning reason: Telling admin what to do

Online Estoril

Nice report.  I've been using HC on off for several years now - Less these days due to AW.  Had many good punts through them.

Amanda and Zuza are the remaining girls which I've seen.

Dude - you left out Caroline and Zuza who are definitely two of the best! :P

As well as Charlotte (comes and goes from London), Emma (hasn't been back for a while) and Kitty (has gone but awesome service from all accounts - I didn't meet her though)

Dude - you left out Caroline and Zuza who are definitely two of the best! :P

As well as Charlotte (comes and goes from London), Emma (hasn't been back for a while) and Kitty (has gone but awesome service from all accounts - I didn't meet her though)

This was a list of girls who are here that I haven't reviewed - I have reviewed these, all good - Caroline & Zuza https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=81473.msg1010146;topicseen#msg1010146, Lucia & Skali https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=87267.msg1068979;topicseen#msg1068979, Jasmine & Virginia [now Bonnie] https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=78073.msg973731;topicseen#msg973731, Tess [now Kayah] & Tamara https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=89089.msg1088084;topicseen#msg1088084, Annabelle & Celine https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=82598.msg1021382;topicseen#msg1021382, Krista & Inessa https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=85110.msg1046700#msg1046700 plus Lily who was bad https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=85621.msg1051896#msg1051896 and very ugly: Zoe https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=88319.msg1080466#msg1080466 and Eleonora & Amira https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=84243.0, who unbelievably get good reviews on the agency website.

Totally agree on Charlotte, Kitty & Emma who I've also seen.

I saw Daria last week, who was absolutely stunning. Great rack in particular!

A couple of girls have come back since the original review.

Charlotte http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/charlotte another of the Polish pussy posse that come and go. Photos make her look a bit strange, in the flesh she is athletic girl with bolt ons, great attitude, top notch service, enjoyed her in duo with another girl who hasn’t returned since, they took a joint facial finish like champs.

Somaya http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/ro676 the photographer was being particularly generous with her pictures, however, she is a pretty girl who delivers all services with aplomb and has a gentle, sexy way of dealing with punters.

The overall review rating should probably be a positive not a neutral as overall the good far outweigh the bad.

This girl Adria http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/adtr3464d just re-appeared, unbelievable body, very pretty face, great service, I saw her 3 years ago pre-boob job in duo with a blonde, service was terrific. Saw her again last year in duo with Sina http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/sina1 who wants to do minimum work. Adria was like a sex robot, in action fabulous, engaged and sexy, downtime totally disengaged.

Offline bqaj

My God, this lady Adria is hot, i will go for her soon :hi:

Seen Lena. Full on service with no clockwatching and tremendous owo.

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