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Author Topic: New to this  (Read 349 times)

Offline Bush

New to this scene, done abit of reading here.

Was wondering if anyone has tried P*E*T*H*R*A in edinburgh.

Also found a few that talk about scores on us, how does that work.


Hey Bush.

Pop her adultwork number or name in the search box and you'll find whatever there is. Unfortunately not good news on this one.


Offline Bush

Thanks for the advice, lucky escape. Now to start again. Looking for tantric with happy ending.

Offline Roger De Her

President G W?


Commendations, a wise move to research your illicit activities on this Site rather than keeping it all under the table like your predecessor Bill ! Whereas it may be premature to suggest your choices will Trump his selection, your less likely to succumb to that "Sucker Punch " :bomb:

DD has supplied a relevant link and advice for you on Petra. - I arrived and discussed T's & C's before deciding to Walk, so I'd concur with the guidance. Service offering was too limited (I thought no owo and she keeps her Nixon) tho if you're only after Tantric and H E, she may have just sufficed, BUT that whole Kitty Cat stable is all a bit erratic and unreliable.

Might I respectfully request that once you have savoured a satisfactory selection you share the sensation by way of a Review on this Site?

Happy Hunting

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