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Author Topic: First punt memories...  (Read 4333 times)

My first punt was in a Soho walk up, got the number from a phonebox. Leggy blonde lady 40ish, I was barely 20 at the time.
A good overall experience which got me hooked, but I am not that keen on the walk up setup. It is all very rushed.

Offline fuckit

Omega Sauna in Kentish Town. Was 15 and had to show a fake ID! She was fit must have been at least twice my age. Remember her grabing my cock and calling me a big boy. Didnt last long! Its been a long journey ever since!

Offline twister

I was 50 and it was 3 years ago with Lara Brooks. I could tell my marriage was failing and my wife was cheating, I was doing an extension  for a neighbour  and took £160 off the advance to see her, wow...what a beautiful, sexy and slim lady. ...she knew it was my first punt and guided me through it ....I'm surprised I didn't pop within the first 10 minutes...Lara is very sexy...never seen her since as her minimum  time is 2 hours and £300 ....sadly....lol.
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Was house-sitting for some friends in Leeds, been thinking about it for a while, gf was abroad. Found an agency and booked the blondest, slim Playboy bunny possible. The day came and I got a call an hour before the meeting that the girl I wanted was delayed, would I like to book someone else? I said yes after confirming the girl in question had latex clothing. Took a taxi to the apartment and was greeted by a size 10/12 woman late 20s, early 30s maybe. Went with it as she did have the requested outfit and I was all excited (how often have we been down that road?) handed over my house-sitting fee. We sat down, had a chat, I explained I was new to this all, she was very understanding of this scrubby 21 year old in front of her. She was the second woman I'd ever been with. Finished me off with a hj in those long black latex gloves and I nearly took my own eye out!

Offline sirbonkalot

My first was over 20 yrs ago and well before AW or the likes of, i found the advert in the classifieds section of the local paper and it took ages to build up the nerve to call, she was based in a block of flats above a small shopping arcade in Aylesbury, I don't remember how much she charged but i do remember her asking if i wanted to fuck her without a condom for an extra 10 quid  :scare: :scare: i didn't risk that or didn't partake of RO either, she tried to put me at ease by saying i reminder her of her brother !!! that didn't help at all !!
I remember her giving me a very lackluster (by today's standards) covered blow job which lasted all of 5 mins at my request as i was about to cum then i jumped on top for another 3 mins then was all done !!!.
it was very nerve racking and not very rewarding.
Since then its been a rocky ride with some good but lots of mediocre punts until i found UKP and UKE and decided to go for well reviewed girls rather than go on the price and what i thought was a good option.
thank goodness for the interweb and forums like this but it has cost me more recently than pretty much half of the last 20 yrs !!!
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What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline wasox

A more recent tale from me.  Coming up for 2 years ago now, was fed up with the single life.  Ended up seeing someone in her late 30s who, truth be told, wasn't really my type.  She was more into sub/dom stuff and that just isn't my thing.  But I was naive and bloody horny so went anyway.  She understood it was my first punt and just went along with me.  Wound up having a great time in the end.  Then I discovered that AW and its veritable smorgasbord of various opportunities was a thing and haven't looked back since. 

Offline Kenaldo

Mine was with a well known local 'lady' in the upstairs small bedroom that she used for business.

I was nervous as fuck and once in the room I couldn't get a proper hard on to fuck her.

She feigned a fingered orgasim and then she wanked me off over her tits where I had that strange feeling of coming with just a semi on!

I'd paid £65 and left almost with my tail between my legs after a poor and surreal experience.

But at 46 the flame was lit and now I can't scratch the itch quick enough!

Beats every other hobby I've ever had, including the cost!!

Offline El Jefe

£150 for an agency girl, she wouldn't kiss but I didn't mind as she had bad breath and wouldn't give me OWO for more than 5 seconds but asked if I wanted to lick her pussy  :unknown:, I could barely get an erection to fuck her. Since then I steer clear of these £150 agency girls.

Offline howrude

Mine was nearly 20 yuears ago. It was in a side street off a main road in Manchester, which I'd found from the Daily Sport classified section. There was nobody about so it felt quite exciting, even if I was a bit nervous as I pushed the buzzer. Once I got in, I was offered a sauna, which I took. Whilst getting ready, I saw another woman there. I was wondering if she was one of the girls. She wasn't that much of a looker but I'd have gave her one. But she was actually the receptionist as they were changing shifts. Whilst I was in the sauna and in the nude, the girl I opted to see came in and said hello,which I found quite exciting. All in all, it was a good punt for my first one. Nothing like as mind blowing as later ones but a good enough introduction to the world of punting.

28 years ago.
I know this as it was my first time full stop, never mind with a working girl.

Picked up a street girl in a car I was fixing for someone and had a very strange not long session in an industrial estate!!

Used to see street girls a bit at first then parlours.  Wouldn't like to try contemplate how many over the years.  Had some extremely good sessions and some really bad , including getting robbed (incredible twice in the same house about 6 months apart!!( set up with girl coming in room as I was undressing saying her boyfriend was here!)  lol

Strangely I would say that my best ever session was with a street girl, in my car in the early years!  Think she had just started.  Saw her months later and she had become hardened to it (probably drugs) and was poor.

Offline Lister

My first was with an agency girl in London ten years ago. Pure adrenaline running through my veins as I knocked on the door. She offered me  a glass of wine which did a little to calm my nerves. Told her it was my first time and she was great at guiding me through.

Great kisser - almost sucked my tongue off - and proceeded with the best OWO I have ever had to CIM. Long, slow, deep throat with no hand assistance and just the right amount of tongue friction. same for the second pop an I have never looked back. Unfortunately she is no longer working and I have never found anyone to give a BJ like that since!  :(

Interesting that those that are really good at DFK tend to be good at blow jobs too. Obviously it's in the mouth action  :D

Offline SteveW86

My first was a few years ago with Hayley from Portsmouth, I'd never heard of this site and booked her from adultwork. Not sure how long she had been active back then but she had some positive reviews on adultwork so off I went. Ended up having a great time (as I think everyone does who sees her), I even made it into one of her blog entries for her surprisingly squirting on my face. Everyone else I see has a hard job living upto her now.

My first was in a parlour in Newport South Wales in late 2001.  I was still a virgin at the time.  Found telephone number in ad in local newspaper, rang them and was informed they had a blonde and a brunette working.  Got the address and was outside the house in about 40 minutes.  Both girls were attractive but the blonde was an absolute stunner.  I was a nervous wreck, but had a great half hour, I had to come by hand though, a bit too nervous I guess.

Offline Vorteghan

It was 14 years ago. I was on a business trip in Birmingham and had decided to drive to Warley to revisit an area where I lived a few years previously. I was on my way back to the hotel and had stopped at a junction when a voice shouted out “can you give me a lift luv?” I don’t know what made me say yes, probably the shock of seeing this blonde bombsite of a woman in her fifties dressed like a teenager going out on the town. Anyway, 2 minutes in the car she leans towards me and starts stroking my balls asking me if I would like a good time. I thought a blow job worth any risk. She directed me to a space near some garages and proceeded to give me a damn good uncovered deep throating. Didn’t swallow but opened the door and spat it all out. She offered me a second session including the full works back at her place but she didn’t appeal. Being nervous in those days I had visions of being waylaid by whoever waited at home for her.

I often thought of that session repeatedly but didn’t go with another WG until about 5 years ago. Marital dissatisfaction and anger at the OH prompted me to visit Candy on Frith Street in Soho. I’ve been enjoying this hobby ever since and its helped me maintain a less than satisfactory marriage.

A long time ago, I was in my twenties and working in a flash car dealership I was in my bosses office when he was on the phone to a customer who had a car on an extended test drive but wasn't buying it and wanted it collected. My boss gave me his home number on the back of his business card and said get a Valeter to take you to collect it, call me if there's a problem.
We drove to a pub where the customer had the car, when the front door opened the Valeter sett off and drove back, the woman who opened the door was in her forties and looked really fit, I was early twenties and into bodybuilding, we went into the kitchen for the keys, she had a black pencil skirt on and a white silk blouse which when she turned around with the keys was unbuttoned, I was really nervous and she giggled saying ' have you ever been with an older woman?' I hadn't and didn't speak, she kissed me and undid my fly and started sucking me off, we ended up fucking on the kitchen table. My first experience with an older woman (and not my last) after she made me a cup of tea and sucked me off again before I set off back. Outside I realised the garage was shut and called my boss saying I was running late, he said 'OK, see you in the morning. Thought you would like the test ride' I wondered if he meant test drive but in the morning when I handed back the keys I saw the look in his eye, he'd been there before.

Exactly one year ago today! Chinese girl Kingston she was cute sort of a brothel environment random apartments opposite the river. I noticed she didn't shave one of her armpits correctly which put me off :)

Offline Happylad

I got into serious punting entirely without intention, and purely by accident.

It all happened just over 7 years ago.  My wife had been dead only 6 months after a half century of very happy married life, and I was lonely. I`d never heard of AW, but I had heard of social escorting. and I found her through a site advertising purely social escorts: she was nearly 50 years younger than me and I booked her for a couple of hours outcall at my home mainly for some female company - her charge was £50 an hour.

She duly arrived - looked very nice indeed - we chatted over a glass of wine and she told me she lived with her parents, was between boyfriends, and did social escorting to earn enough to buy herself a small car (she had borrowed her father`s for the evening); I told her all my troubles and she held my hand, and suddenly I was kissing her and undressing her, and somehow we finished up in bed.  We couldn`t fuck properly because she hadn`t even brought a condom and my wife and I had never used them, but we had a very satisfactory mutual oral, and I thought I`d had a very good £100`s worth.

I asked her if she would come again, and she said "Yes, you`re an old darling", so I invited her again for 3 days later.  This time she brought condoms, we spent a full 2 hours in bed, I discovered she loved oral and I made her cum several times that way, as well as prolonged fucking in which I had 2 pops - she was a wonderful fuck, very tight and full of enthusiasm.

After that I saw her at least twice a week - always at my home - always paid her £100 for 2 hours (and often she would stay an hour extra), and, I must confess, I got rather fond of her.  Unfortunately, after 4 months she told me she had saved up enough for her car, met a young man she liked, and she was sorry but she wouldn`t be coming again.

So that`s how I became a punter, and I shall never forget Lucy or the fun I had with her.

Online Estoril

Not the most exciting punt - was at a sauna in Leicester.   I got a massage and HR.

Mine was about 5 years ago. Totally stupid really but horny. Had a google as I'd heard about escorts and found aw. Ended up calling one and organising a visit to my house (missus and kids were away for the weekend). Turns out it was a polish whore who had a driver bring her about 30 miles. I had to pay 2 hours instead of one. I sat there watching shit TV for about 1 hr 45 mins until she said "well we'd better get on with it" l. She was quite hot and took my cock out, got naked, gave it a rub (no oral), put on the jonny and sat on me and rode me for all of 2 minutes before I came. And then left.
It was that point l felt like I really had wasted all that time and money but I'd released the pressure in my balls. I then spent the next few days worrying about my wife finding out or blackmail etc (I'd even used my own mobile rather than a punting phone).
Stupid looking back and I've learned from my mistakes. I then got the bug and spunked a fortune over the next couple of months before stopping for the next few years. And now I'm back but still waiting to take the plunge again (I'm fussy!).

Offline Hairybum

Mine was around 10 years ago... I was trying to satisfy my older lady fad at the time.


She was ok.... nice lady, stunk of fag smoke. Didn't really live up to my fantasy... :(

Diane of Bushey.
I was as nervous as hell. I need not have been, Those that remember this beautiful and kind lady will understand how she forgave me as my trembling hads spilt the orange squash she gave me. I saw her the other day in another life. She's just fine.
Uncle Pokey
Same for me Uncle P. This lady must have been responsible for taking the virginity of a lot of youngsters and the not so young as well. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. How much better with a seasoned practitioner than a fumble behind the bike sheds! She should have written a book on the subject. Good to hear all is well with her. Slightly off topic I know but I recall one meeting with Diane in the last 18 months before she retired. I had booked a week in advance and then went away for a few days. Confirmed on the day and set off for Bushey.  I was already a bit late due to traffic. Anyway parked a street away as you do and phoned. !”Where are you “asked Diane to which I replied parked in XXX Street .  “But I have moved” she replies. Teach me to take anything for granted again! Those were the days when I did not have a sat nav. Fortunately Diane’s navigation skills were as good as her sex techniques and within 15 minutes we were between the sheets.  These are the punts I remember.

Offline unclepokey

I had a similar problem with Diane when she had already moved once to a place below the electricity grid up in Bushey Heath and then suddenly was in a flat in Grove House down close to the Church in Bushey proper.
I now always check with all the ladies that they are still where I remember them last.
Uncle Pokey

Bradford RLD aged 18, on a bit of waste ground off Lumb Lane.

I remember she had thigh boots on and cost £20.

Location in question is now a Mosque!

My first punt was about 20yrs ago, in massage parlour in Leeds called New Dallas. Can't remember the lasses name. But it was a fun time. Must have been as I kept going back for more every fortnight.

Mine was about 6 years ago, alone in my student diggs over the summer decided to book someone from premier pussycats for an outcall, was nervous as hell.  When the girl turned up she originally said "sorry wrong house" so I closed the door in my nerves, she turned up again 2 minutes later saying she didn't realise that she had been booked by someone so young.

Was a good shag but it's too expensive a hobby for a poor student

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