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Author Topic: Maria Swindon  (Read 1085 times)

Offline Marcus

Hi all
Has anybody been to see Maria of Swindon ?38 year old with a cracking pair of tits.
I am looking for an attractive busty milf in the Swindon area and she looks good ,maybe to good to be true?
And a reasonable price !

Member since 2008 and no positive feedback - and whatever has been posted is hidden???? A definite No No for me.

The open leg photo looks like she was actually wearing undies and they have tried to photoshop them out  to look naked and added a vagina  :scare: All looks very odd to me.

Not a PG scam because their isn't one, but something smells fishy.

https://www.adultwork.com/641519 or https://www.adultwork.com/Swindon+Maria

Offline Crackpott

, but something smells fishy.

Probably why she has her knickers on ?  :scare:

Offline Marcus

Now that you mention it I think it does all look a bit fishy .nice tits though .
I think I will give her a wide berth ,many thanks for your imput.
I only joined this site a couple of days ago and learnt so much already.
I have had maybe twenty punts over as many years and it just goes to show that every day is a school day.
Many thanks

Boobs were made in a tennis ball factory

Offline Ali Katt

Now gone. Using pictures from Hustler website is pretty stupid though.

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