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Author Topic: Cindy Polish West Bromwich BAD ATTITUDE!  (Read 1001 times)

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Saw this advert on AW, this morning.


Looked okay, so called up.
The telephonist is really nice, sexy voice too.
I ask the receptionist, twice, about CIM and swallow and it says that Cindy offers this in the main body of the advert text. The telephonist
Made an appointment, got to the place, which is very Sandwell Hospital.
I got buzzed in, let in to the apartment by Cindy.
Slim girl, very pretty, pictures are accurate.
This is where it all went wrong.

Cindy looked p*ssed off. I asked her if she catered for the services, in her limited English she yes. I asked about CIM and swallow (made a gulping gesture,) she flew off the handle and shout 'You Go!'
Cindy opened the door and was wing me out.

I left, and called the the telephonist, and explained what happended.
The telephonist seemed genuinely surprised and said she'd talk to Cindy and call me back.
A few minutes later, the telephonist called me back, and was extremely apologetic and said she agreed that Cindy's attitude sucked and said she doesn't know why she won't do the services and why she's in a bad mood.
I said to the telephonist, that now that she's aware that Cindy is in a bad mood, she should tell other enquirers that the girl is not working today, to prevent them having having a bad experience.

I got my friend to call, shortly after.
The telephonist still confirmed that the girl is available, offering the CIM and swallow services.

2 review(s) found for Sweet Cindy GFE linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline dboy74

Thanks for the review and sorry to hear you were messed around.

Well done for standing your ground and not wasting your cash on a WG who will not offer agreed services.

Swallowing now does not appear on her 'likes' any more.
« Last Edit: April 06, 2016, 03:11:14 PM by dboy74 »

Offline Bigjohn

There's reference to "Cindy" in the link below while she was working in Sheffield using the name "Jenny". Looks like one to avoid.


Offline getonit

Apart from my own general rule ( ignoring profiles that start off with 'new in town' on old profiles) there are other clues that this profile is just a façade . It mentions 3 different girls name on it , Cindy the current holder , jenny in the feedback , and also Bree which mentions the CIM and swallow etc.  Doesn't surprise me the maid/pimp/agent agreed to everything you said it was just to get in there and hopefully go along with a basic service, which you didn't..good.

Offline Chuckman

You avoided a right dragon there! Well done for standing your ground and walking when the services proffered weren't offered.

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