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Author Topic: freebies  (Read 934 times)

Offline daveev

Morning everyone, well i have done a few reports about meeting with escorts on another site, and when you do you go into a free draw, the first time i won this i thought id was a scam as the prize was a free hour with from a choice of 2 escorts, or a half hour at A1 massage parlour, i have won this twice now but as they are a little to far from me i never took them up on it, and have never been to a parlour and sort of scare's me a little, do you think this is a good idea to offer them self's for free, would any escorts on here put them self's up as a prize? i do think its a good way to get guys to go good full reports on the girls they have seen, not that i knew about it till i won,

Offline Stiltskin

It's good to see them doing things like this, it has to be good for business.

I knew of an escort that used to a monthly draw. She'd choose one lucky punter out of all that had booked her that month. You didn't have to do a field report to be elligible. She built up quite a following.

Offline johnr1

I am from Newcastle and a few years ago we had an agency called Notorious Girls now gone, well it was shut down by the Police not directly connected with the escort business though

The guy that ran it Neil and wife Natasha would run a monthly draw for a free 30 minute appointment, I remember winning on two occasions they also held private party’s about three times a year so you could meet all the girls and the drinks were subsidised they also arranged a ferry Crouse from Newcastle to Amsterdam at a very good rate so you could meet the girls and take one to your cabin as they were  all working..........He upset a few people along the way but he had some great ideas for promoting the agency
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Offline Ali Katt

I think the parlour in question can benefit from giving out freebies, it is good advertising. They could get some good reports on the back of it and maybe some new regular punters.

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