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Author Topic: baybee from harrogate  (Read 717 times)

Offline mazbaz72

hi just wondering has anyone met baybee from harrogate ,i cant find any reviews on here for her although she has loads on aw but they taken with pich of salt ,
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Offline daveev

as dell boy would say, she's a ugle mare, all the sexy girls and you're thinking of seeing her, move along.

Offline mazbaz72

dont look to bad in private pics

Offline Dirty Dave

I saw her a few years ago, average looker, her pictures will be a few years out of date, flat near the centre of Harrogate. I found her a little withdrawn, hesitant and the overall service was rushed, a bog standard punt. A couple of days later I found out why, as I came down with a violent stomach bug with Diarrhea, Vomiting and excruciating stomach pains. Almost certainly I picked this bug up from her as I had been down on her, and her general demeanor suggested she was not quite right herself. I obviously never returned, £100 for the hour and I emptied my bollocks but overall not worth it. Others may report otherwise but she should not have been working if it was her that passed on the sickness bug to me.
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