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Author Topic: Devon Breeze - Birmingham tour  (Read 1185 times)

11 review(s) for DevonBreeze (8 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Kerosene

Devon is normally based in Edinburgh but seems to tour quite a bit and I saw her on a stop in Birmingham.

Her profile states a two-tier system where you get more options of you pay for PSE. I had a 1 hour GFE for £120 which covered what I was after.

Made enquiries via email, then booked via AW quite in advance. Got the name of the hotel the day before and then texted to get the room number. Comms were excellent throughout - everything was answered promptly and fully.

The door opens and I'm let in. Sort the cash and a few pleasantries. She has a lot of profile pics and they're a good measure. Curvy is very much the word - nice round arse and enhanced boobs that don't feel overly fake.

Started off with FK which was done with arms and legs around me - I like the body contact as much as the kissing. With a wandering hand I had her boobs out and gave them a suck (very sensitive) and then moved on for RO. Very pleased to see no knickers on underneath the dress. Her pussy was fresh and I was in for a while until she came.

Then moved on to OWO. A good combination of ball licking, circling the tip and sucking the shaft. Ended up with a messy CIM. Had a quick wipe and a breather and then on to round 2.

More FK, then cover up for reverse CG - nicely varied pace so that helped me keep from popping. Then switched to doggy and then prone bone at which pop 2 happened.

A bit of a chat afterwards and then a shower and I'm on my way. Time had run over a bit.

Bonus points for hanging up my clothes rather than have them strewn on the floor - a sure sign of a positive attitude.

Would I recommend - Yes
Would I see again - Yes (having seen some of her videos, I want anal too)


11 review(s) found for DevonBreeze linked to in above post (8 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline ciscoxxx69

I met her for a Filthy - and I mean Filthy - 1-2-1 PSE when she was in Reading recently (she had a Bukkake party later that evening - this was several weeks back....) :P

I had a fantastic time with her.....comms were good and once we were together in the room she just turned into an up for ANYTHING Sex machine.
I was in the mood for it and so was she...
No clock watching either.....

Totally chilled and relaxed fun after the first pop, and normally that's it for me...but she had other ideas.
After a bit of nonchalant fondling, she got my cock back to life and insisted on a bit of W/S - both ways (naughty)
She was so enthusiastic and into it - and utterly filthy her verbal encouragement - she got me off again  :yahoo:

For pure unadulterated lustful Sex, she was just great and I would deffo se her again.... :hi:
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Offline Diehard

I've seen her about 18 months ago and she is a filthy experience but bigger than a size 10'or 12, I'd say at least size 14.

Great kisser though and gets soaking wet.

Offline ciscoxxx69

I've seen her about 18 months ago and she is a filthy experience but bigger than a size 10'or 12, I'd say at least size 14.

Great kisser though and gets soaking wet.

Agreed ... :hi:

Offline ciscoxxx69

Someone PM'd me about W/S with her.....

This is how it went
I think you have to expect they won't take it above the neck.
Once i'd met her and we made a Horny connection, i knew she was gonna be filthy. I think she tells you that in her PSE tab from memory.
I said to her  "I need a shower....."
She said "I need a piss....lets do both" and then giggled seductively.
She was sucking me off so I couldnt piss at first......
I said "I thought you wanted a piss?"
she said "I do....but only all over you"

So I laid down in the bath. She started to piss over me and talked absolute filth while she was doing it. I stopped wanking my cock and stood up.

She knelt down and I started to piss on her (where? i will leave that to your imagination for discretionary purposes ) ......she was furiously rubbing her clit as I did so. Fucking Hot.

There was a lot as I had been drinking lots of water for this eventuality she it arise.

When I finished, she said "Oooh that was so Hot....now I want another mouthful of spunk to finish you off....."
I stood over her and unloaded into her mouth whilst she was talking about fisting her GF in the Arse!

You can see how i was able to make a 2nd Pop.....Filth on legs!

Not normally my type, looks and body wise, but a better filthy attitude you couldn't wish to have......
I've been very lucky with most of the girls i have met...

Hope that helps  :hi:

Offline davidgood

She is definitely a naughty/dirty girl.

I had the chance to play with her at a party in London at the end of last year.

She ended up with a butt plug in her arse at the end of the party and had a good go at bringing me off for the bukkake finally.



Offline Kerosene

I wrote the review to say what a good time I had. Can't help but think I still missed out.

Offline ciscoxxx69

I wrote the review to say what a good time I had. Can't help but think I still missed out.

There's always next time to push it further....  ;)

Thanks for the review...   :drinks:

Offline r1965h

Saw her 4 years ago when she was working from an apartment near the NIA.

Absolutely fantastic hour spent with her. She was slimmer then, I'd say she was a size 12. She looks a bit more curvy now in the recent vids she's done for Fake Taxi etc. Would definitely see her again if I got the chance.

She tours regularly in Brum as she's originally from around that area.

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