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Author Topic: parlour in Armthorpe Doncaster,  (Read 902 times)

Hi Everyone, 

Has anyone here heard of a parlour in Armthorpe,  Doncaster? Would be grateful of any info!

Offline donyian80

I know there used to be a escort agency based in Armthorpe but not heard of any parlours there

Do you mean Katie's moulin rouge near armthorpe?

I havent heard of a "parlour" as in pay on the door and by the service.

However I have visited a whore who has advertised on AW at a flat on Jenkinson Grove, just off Harris road in Armthorpe.

Only met once, was a romanian girl, thin, moderately attractive but never offered the services advertised and was a rush job, few months on since then I have text 2 separate eastern European girls who gave me the same address but when I realised I never actually went any further having the bad experience the first time.

They usuall advertise on AW or viva but there not a permanent fixture, I think its possibly one of Sergei's property's that maybe he puts to good use while its vacant or not enough room in hotels?? Just an idea

Thanks all for your replies. Yeah been to Katies on many an occasion. Not sure it's as good as it was a few years ago

Offline Lijunwei

only time ive seen any ladies was a milf named kaydee --great service and decent looking milf-

and saw ruby who used to work for northern belles who also provided a great service ..

other than that i cannot state a parlor operates in the armthorpe area

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