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Author Topic: Recommendations for an English WG in London, reasonable rate - 0044 best option?  (Read 821 times)


My wife will be away on business later on this month, so when the cat's away... But not keen on EE agencies, underwhelming experiences for the money. Had a couple of disappointing hook ups on AW.

Looking for an hour or two incall with an  English WG in the evening, 20s to 30s I suppose. Is my best bet the  00-44 agency? Crap website, but some nice looking English girls there. Annabelle and Melissa caught my eye. Well reviewed on C69 by one punter.

Or should I try my luck with AW?  any tips most welcome. Budget up to £200 per hour I guess at a pinch, discount on the 2 hours ideally. Central London preferred.

Thanks in advance.

Offline maxQ

The French lady Alice is excellent and her English is perfect

Offline will-ow

could try House of divine? they have british girls on there! usually british really means it

Offline uksaldn

If you are prepared to travel, Debbie's massage has a good selection & price as well.

Offline Steely Dan

Just sort by rating.  Remember any of the 34 that have 2+ positive ratings, have twice the endorsement of any responses to this thread.


Thanks for the tips and info, appreciated. Decisions, decisions...

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