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Author Topic: Ever spotted WG off duty?  (Read 1537 times)

Offline Mendra

A few years ago I spotted a WG who probably though she was far from shitting on her door step at B&Q last place you wil expect a WG and her son. While I though the same two. She peeps out of the aisles to double check I do the same... Game over!

I once saw Laura Rossi coming out of Superdrug. Although we made eye contact we just passed without acknowledging each other.


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I used to work in a hotel and my manager once kicked out a girl for "using it as a brothel". A few weeks ago i saw her at my gym and I've seen her a few times in my local sainsbury.

Not that I'd book her but i have tried to find her on adultwork just out of interest but no luck. Perhaps she's retired
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Offline Yankee21

Imperial Wharf, no less than 10 minutes ago.

Still looked good.

Just go to the hotel near Kensington High St. and you can spot them in herds!

Sainsbury's next door to Chelsea Cloisters, the CCTV there must capture hundreds of girls and the cash machine must dispense more whoring money a year than the illicit economy in Panama.

Offline Digz2012

Saw platinum Cindy shopping in Asda a couple years ago, heels, tight jeans, fur coat and those big pouty lips!! Gave her a complement as I walked by as she was bent over the fresh produce bit picking something up.. Turned and smiled.She was defo turning heads in there that day
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