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Author Topic: BBWmissnaughty - utterly deluded  (Read 290 times)

So saw this profile pop up in Swindon yesterday...


Ok pictures, comprehensive list of services, advertising as an escort charging £160/hour but then reading the profile, you see this:

Quote from: BBWmissnaughty on her AW profile
So then boys & girls, I have thought long and hard, after many messages asking too meet me I have decided to do so. There will be no sexual contact! I will happily meet you for chats, meals, dates, shows from you too me ;) If you have any questions at all, please just ask away ;)

So then you think "ah... it's another cam-girl posing as an escort", but it gets better... reading a bit further you then also get this:

Quote from: BBWmissnaughty on her AW profile
Please be aware I do not get my pussy out on cam. I play with it (under my knickers). Please don't be put off, I will give you the BEST show!!

WTF?  :crazy: Talk about taking the piss.

No, she's not taking the piss, but she'll happily have you take a dump on her, according to likes and dislikes. :vomit:

Offline Roth

TOTALLY FUCKING DELUSIONAL HEFFALUMP :scare: :dash: :scare: :dash:

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