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Author Topic: The joy of buying. Do you like spending cash?  (Read 354 times)

Offline Marmalade

It's something women are probably more familiar with, as anyone knows who has accompanied a woman going bloody shopping. Not just with your credit card: she just loves shopping for the sheer fucking buzz of it. Not even just material things. She enjoys paying to get her nails done, her hair washed, or some other piece of crap. If they only had one coin left they would probably feel good buying a Big bloody Issue.

Most men get a buzz buying a new car. Or maybe plane tickets. But I think there's a certain pleasure from being able to buy sex. Over and above the familiar lists of cost-effectiveness, convenience, or lack of sex at home. There's something rather nice about being able to say, "I'd like to give you £70 for half an hour of sex with you".

Let's face it: we like spending money. It's the power to do something with the money that we've worked hard to get. A power thing, but not a power over someone else: power that we have money in our pocket that only means something if we can spend it.

If all the women in the world were sexually liberated and didn't want to charge, fucked young and old, fat and ugly, there'd still be something fun about going up to a random stranger that would not be offended and saying, here's a couple of crispy fifties, let's fuck : are you up for it?

A conquest no less than giving her a flower or an ice-cream or reading a poem. Here's my MONNAIY!!!

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Offline seward

As you say it is pure pleasure spending on some new toy or other, I hadn't thought of paying for sex as such a pleasure but now you mention it yes there is a real satisfaction in being able to buy that which gives such secret pleasure.pure self indulgence I am very pleased to say :dance:

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