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Author Topic: HotAndreea in Bristol  (Read 491 times)

14 review(s) for HotAndreea (8 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Hill

This is my first review on UKP.  I've been reading these boards every now and then for the last few months but haven't had the chance to contribute until now.

I added HotAndreea to my HL a few weeks back and I had some time to kill this evening so made an £80 booking for an hour with her.

Directions and instructions okay to follow although her English wasn't great so I had difficulty getting into the building, luckily it was dark and fairly quiet but I did feel a bit of an idiot.

Andreea opened the door and she was 100% the girl in the pics although she has red hair at the mo.  Shes quite a pretty petit girl with a nice rack.  She whispered to me to be quiet and then closed the door and led me through an unlit hallway and into the lounge.  She then asked me if there were people stood outside?  Which there wasn't.  I dont know if she meant the corridor, or outside the building.  Anyway I brushed this off and started some fk followed by the exchange of paper work followed by more fk but also petting which I found weird. A little bit of dfk but not much. 

Andreea asked me to undress but hang on I'm in the lounge so asked if we're going to the bedroom, but she said no as there's someone else in there  :unknown:

As I'd come straight from work I would have liked the opportunity to shower but she sat me down and put a pack of wet wipes next to me...I didnt bother asking about a shower :lol: and I didn't bother with the wet wipes either for that matter.

She started to give me oral but the little fella wasn't playing ball.  I just didn't feel comfortable.  Some wanking followed and I imagine she enjoyed wanking a flaccid cock as much as I was enjoying it.

To try and get things going I started playing with her, shes got a tight fanny and after some fingering and more wanking things looked like they would happen.  Sadly as soon as I was bagged the little fella went back into his shell again.  I can honestly say this never happens, but has now  :scare:  I tried asking for a lapdance but through broken English she said she doesn't like it, and I think she then asked me to dance instead WTF  :dash:  I also asked if she had a vib I could use on her but this was in the bedroom, and she couldn't or wouldn't go get it  :thumbsdown:

This was less than 20 minutes in to an hour booking.  As things were clearly not working for us both I decided I would cut my losses and go.  I think she was miffed by this and when I politely asked for some of the money back she was even more thrilled.  After some very polite haggling by me with a bird that doesn't speak much English I got £20 back and made a swift exit.  I could here what I imagined were Romanian insults at my back as I left.

I've rated her neutral as she did try at times plus her fanny was tight and she has a nice rack.  I would have liked to have banged her but alas it didn't happen.

I'm sure others may have a great time but for me I was never comfortable from the moment I arrived.

https://www.adultwork.com/2344322 https://www.adultwork.com/HotAndreea


14 review(s) found for HotAndreea linked to in above post (8 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative)

Thanks for the review Hill  :drinks: , sounds a nightmare, and welcome here !

Personally no bed or shower would have walked, seems she is very inconsistent according to other reviews !

Probably a negative in my eyes but your review !

Offline Hill

Thanks, had I not got my £20 back it would have been neg!  I'm a bit of a novice at this but in hindsight I should have walked.

Thanks, had I not got my £20 back it would have been neg!  I'm a bit of a novice at this but in hindsight I should have walked.

Well you live and learn !

Good for getting that back anyhow !

Yea, thanks for the review and welcome.

To be honest it sounds like you did well to get some ££ back but would have been a sure negative for me as sounds like she didnt really care much about your experiance.

Offline Roth

True Romanian service.  :scare: :(

Obviously a fucking cheapskate Sergei renting a one-bed flat for 2 of
his prossies to use together.  :dash: :dash:

Sorry to hear about your bad punt. I've had a few of those. The reason I usually avoid Romanians. I must admit I had a great punt with her, I guess I must have caught her on a good day...

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