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Author Topic: DEBBIE GFExx - Dundee  (Read 450 times)

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Offline rowdee1


Half hour in call for £60

Comms were good. Phoned her first and she didn't take the call, but immediately text back asking me to text to her. Went for a hort notice half hour and she then sent street, Text again when I was close and she phoned to give the exact location. Romanian girl. but her English is good.

Location - bit of a grotty entrance and close, but her flat was nice enough and the room and bed very pleasant.

Appearance - profile pics are accurate, she's a nice looking girl with an amazing body, lovely firm body sensational tits and legs.

Action. This is were it starts to go down hill. As usual sorted out the paperwork early, then both stripped off and got on the bed. She then proceeds to tell me that because this was only a 30 minute booking it would be a basic service = no kissing, only covered oral, hand job and protected penetration. Went for it anyway and she was ok, talking dirty and lots of eye contact, but clearly trying to make me cum as quickly as possible. Hand job and covered oral was okay, but during penetration she holds on to the base of my cock, thereby stopping me penetrate too deeply. After a while she suggest I pull out and wank to cum and she thrusts wet wipes at me and although continuing to talk dirty seems obsessed that I don't cum on the sheets.

Summary - this was nearly a negative, the only saving grace being that she had a very fit body and she has a pleasant personality.

3 review(s) found for DebbieGFExx linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Online auldie63

Good review.
Always, always verify what you're getting if she's new to you. Initially by phone or txt and when you get there confirm face to face, and if any backing off of service offered walk away. Most of them will change completely if they think the money's about to vanish and the ones that don't ain't worth it anyway. I know the east coast seems to be a punting desert right now, but still no need to throw your money away.

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