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Author Topic: Sweet Sugar Lips Agency - any outcall experiences?  (Read 169 times)


hey guys has anyone had any outcall or any experiences booking with this agency? I've read a few of the old reviews of this agency and seems like someone had a bad experience with one of their escorts as an incall, but I'd like to book one of the girls called chelsea louise for an outcall and hopefully won't be as bad of an experience as the other fella did fingerscrossed  :thumbsup:

also is it just me being a simpleton or is their rates confusing as hell to navigate?  :unknown:  here's a sample of it from their site>

Rates range from £120-£150 for the first hour. This rate is quoted to you by the agency and agreed before the lady starts making her way to you.

This varies due to location and will include your chosen sweet sugar lips escort for the duration of your booking:

- £80 Per 30 Min
- £120 Per hour
- there is a discount on additional hourly rates and overnight bookings

Rates charged by all ladies include all travel costs, so there wont ever be any extra costs than those agreed at the time of you booking unless you are outside of your Leeds escorts geographical area if this is the case then the price will be discussed at the time of booking

rates are between £120 - £150 let's assume it's £150 does this mean travel costs is covered, it says it's covered but whats with the> - £80 Per 30 Min - £120 Per hour are these the incall rates or travel rates like do I have to front up £150 and then £120 for the travel cost (i live 40 mins out of leeds) if so that's £270 for a 1 hour outcall I could get a decent duo with two other girls for up to 2 hours with that kinda price bloody ell  :scare:

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