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Author Topic: Cleo/Melisandra/Debbie/Clarissa–Agency escort(Loyalty/Abella/Admiral/Peachy/etc)  (Read 2898 times)

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Offline Jason

Escort name: Cleo (alias names: Clarissa, Debbie, Melisandra, Muna, Oxana, Soraya)
Website: http://loyaltyescorts.com/escort/london-escort-cleo (image form here)
Date of Visit: March 2016, Type of Visit: Incall (SW3, South Kensington)
Incall price structure: 1h: £150, 2h: £300, 3h: £450 (outcalls: extra £50)
Time Spent: 1 hour, Fee Paid: £150

My experience with this girl was in general positive. Not magnificent or spectacular but still quite solid despite some neutral-negatives. She is available on several type A agencies (see definition of type A agencies here). For the purposes of this review I will refer to her as Cleo as this is the name she uses on most agencies. All the links to her various profiles together with the names used are given at the end of the review.

A studio flat in a very well-known block of serviced apartments in SW3, 6 minutes’ walk from the South Kensington underground station. This is one of the smallest studios I have been in that building. Upon entering the flat you are straight into the bedroom which is only 11 square metres/120 square feet. OK for the purpose though - fairly tidy, fairly clean and with a fairly good bed. And though it may be small it is at least a non-shared property. Bathroom is OK, smallish but serviceable and clean, with a bathtub and plenty of shower gels. Availability of fresh towels might be an issue– I was handed the last fresh towel – although to be fair my visit was during the night (not late at night however). She does have a washing machine in the kitchen (which is a separate room by the way) and she washes the towels every day– the apartments are serviced and they provide towels too but apparently these are her own extra towels for the job.

A quite pretty, beautiful even, young Romanian girl with long black hair and nice blue eyes. Age is advertised as 22y.o. on some agencies and on others as 23, herself says 22 but both stated ages are lies. A white lie though - I estimate her true age to be around 24-25. Anyway that's not of any particular importance. Pictures are genuine (i.e. they belong to her) and about 80% accurate – I would say around 88% accurate for her face and around 72% accurate for her body.

Facially she is around 8.4-8.5/10 according to my beauty scale (which you can read here). Though the pictures are glammed up and photoshopped you can certainly recognise her face from them when you see her in person. I would say that in the flesh she is facially slightly better looking than this picture 1 but worse looking than this picture 2. But despite her actual facial appearance not being quite on par with picture 2, picture 2 IS the most representative picture about how she actually looks. It is the picture that resembles her face the most.

Regarding her body she is about 5ft6in tall (1.68m), hourglass body shape, curvy-slim, dress size '11'-12, natural 36D boobs, wide hips, large bum, smooth skin. The pictures make her look like a size 8 but the truth is that she is larger by almost 2 sizes (i.e. ‘11’-12). She also has some very small tummy and she does have some minor cellulite on her arse (noticeable only during reverse cowgirl though). Boobs are big but saggy though still quite firm and nice. I give her a score of 7.7/10 for her body as my scale heavily penalises the flaws but despite my rating and comments for her body sounding somewhat negative I must say that her body is quite hot regardless. Hourglass types are appealing even as size '13'-14 so at size '11'-12 her body does have a very good "hotness coefficient". She says she is on diet by the way. Off course if you are looking for a skinny size 6 girl, look elsewhere but as far as I am (and hence this review is) concerned, Cleo despite probably being able to float like a boat, she is certainly a girl that floated my boat a lot...

For completeness below are some of her profile pictures:

Friendly, polite, easy-going and willing to please. Hard work ethic though a money-oriented one - literally working around the clock though at the moment seemingly still tireless. Her English is rather basic - A2 level (Elementary) as that is defined by CEFR. She says she has been escorting for 5 years - just recently came to the UK in 2016, having previously worked in Germany and Switzerland as independent. Also other than the fact she advertises on 20+ different agencies (which of course take a £50 commission per booking) she seems to be independent in all other areas. I suggested her to create an independent profile like some other agency girls do but she didn't seem interested in the idea. She rather seemed quite content with the way she is.

(A) Meeting arrangement: (mostly positive)
I made a booking with 45mins notice. As far as making a booking goes all agencies do the same thing. Which agency receptionists tend to be more helpful when answering questions is an entirely different story of course. But if all you are going to do is to call an agency just to book a girl (and *not* to ask any questions) there is no agency from the lot I can recommend in particular (as long as the price is the same obviously). They are all similar. They will typically tell you OK, they will call/text the girl to ensure availability, and if she is available they text you back the time of the booking together with her address and ask you to confirm ... while hypocritically wishing you to have a good time as if they give a shit. Which they don’t - if the punt goes wrong they will typically do nothing and hide any negative feedback on their websites.

(B) During the meeting: (mostly positive)
Services offered: protected penetration sex in several positions, french kissing, body kissing, OWO, RO, 69, COB, clit stroking, handjob, massage, shower together

1. Good prolonged penetration sex in several positions. OK to get into all positions asked though a couple of doggy ones were abandoned due to being painful for her cervix. But she did get some serious pounding in multiple other positions for like 30 minutes without a problem and that even included some slightly more advanced positions and variations. She was pretty vocal and enthusiastic too.   
2. Excellent OWO. I certainly enjoyed her blowjob which was really very well performed. She truly mastered her blowjob skills after sucking cock for 5 straight years...
3. French Kissing was with tongue and continuous. You get as much kissing as you want.
4. Puts a good amount of effort. She kept sucking or kept getting pounded tirelessly.
5. Willing to please attitude.
6. Responsive during reverse oral.
7. Good handjob.
8. Nice oily massage in between rounds.
9. No rushing to cum.
10. No clockwatching. She did give me a single warning 8 minutes from time but this is understandable as I hadn't finished yet for the second time. After I cummed (5 minutes from time) we had a shower together and ultimately after dressing up I left about 3 minutes over-time. Overall from the paid hour I spent I got about 56 minutes of serviced activities (including the shared shower as such) which of course is an excellent ratio. 
11. No timewasting tactics. Massage referred above was actually to speed up the recovery time and ended as soon as I was raring to go again.
12. COB offered and taken twice.
13. Dirty talk and ego boosting. Even with her limited English she manages some dirty talk and also boosts your ego and confidence through bullshit remarks that you have a big cock, that you perform like a male pornstar, etc.
14. Clean/freshly showered.
15. Nicely presented. Had light makeup and dressed similar to picture 2.
16. Punctual. Booking started on time.

1. French kissing albeit opened-mouth, with tongue and continuous it wasn’t very enjoyable due to her terrible technique. She stiffens her tongue and she jams it down your mouth, then she moves it fast and mechanically as if she was going to blend a milkshake or so. Still I managed to improvise and improve on her kissing and I opted to do more frequent sensual lip-locks before putting my tongue to battle against hers...because it was more of a battle than gentle sensual/passionate moves. Anyway though FK wasn’t too enjoyable it was still enjoyable enough and much better than no French kissing for sure.
2. She runs a conveyor belt (she reveals it by herself) and you can feel that you are just another guy of the 8-10 she fucks per day. Of course that is true for most prossies but when you feel it during the punt is destroying the GFE illusion.
3. When the booking started she asked for the money straight away. We are talking about the first 1 minute (1.5 at most) upon me entering her flat. Usually when a prossie is in such a hurry to get the money is not a good sign and it destroys the illusion right from the get-go. Fortunately she turned out to be a good punt, though still not one that scores high on the GFE illusion factor. Upon asking for the money so quickly she reasoned that she needed to know whether I would stay in order to send a text to the agency. Because you know ... conveyor belt...apparently if I had walked another punter would fill my time slot in no time.
4. No CIM/COF. CIM is not listed but COF *is* listed on several of her agency profiles (though not in all of them). Anyway the absence of these services doesn't generally bother me personally.
5. Her enthusiasm during sex was a bit fake-ish and though she was vocal enough she didn't seem to really get into it or becoming passionate. But hey, what do you expect from a conveyor belt prostitute? At least she puts a decent act which can certainly fool most.
6. No pussy fingering (clit stroking is fine though)
7. No deep-throat. Its absence doesn't bother me though.

Some of the neutrals could have been rated as negatives but they weren’t prominent enough or bothered me to be thought as such in my judgment. 

A decent punt, although not a great one. There are a number of very good points but also several little neutral details contrasting them. You get a hot curvaceous hourglass body – still you don't get the 2 sizes slimmer version of it appearing in the photoshopped pics. You get large, nice, firm, natural boobs - still not the perfect ones appearing in the pics as they have a fair bit of sagginess. You get an OK for the purpose, non-shared flat in a good location – still a shoebox though. You get continuous deep French kissing which is good – yet her tongue technique is annoying. You get a truly awesome OWO – yet do don't get CIM so you have to hold back. She is enthusiastic during sex – yet a bit on the fake side. She is freshly showered and clean – yet she does back to back bookings. She doesn't clock-watch or rush you to cum – yet you fully know there is someone else due as soon as you leave. Still the whole score is high enough for her to get a positive. My overall rating is always a weighted one and it is not easily skewed by nit-picking details. Heading ratings are just semantics after all.

Q. Do I recommend her? A. It is all about managing expectations and how happy you are on spending £150 for an hourly punt. If you are generally reluctant to spend that much (because for example you draw a line at £120ph) then I wouldn't recommend. If on the other hand you are one who spends £150 (or more) regularly and you are after a package that scores well BOTH in looks and service (something not so easy to find in lower price ranges despite the exceptions) then I can recommend her for either 1 or 1.5 hour punt (for £150 and £220 respectively). Not a girl I would recommend for a longer punt than that though. It is also important to note that I can't predict for how long she can maintain her service at good levels before this whole back to back business takes its toll and she gets jaded. But for the moment being she is still good.
Q. Would I meet her again (going back in time)? A. Yes. I had a fairly decent time with her.
Q. Will I meet her again in the future? A. She is primarily a “punt-once” girl. Visiting Cleo is like visiting the Eiffel or the Pizza tower - good to go there once in your life but you don't really feel any need to go there again. However, although I don't plan to return to her as plan A, it is always possible to meet her again as a plan B while punting in that well-known, prossie-crowded building.

Attractiveness/Beauty: 8.1/10 (face score: 8.4/10; body score: 7.7/10) – ratings given based on this scale (version 2.0)
Patience & Politeness/Friendliness: 10/10
Willingness to please: 9.6/10
Participation, enthusiasm & expression of enjoy: 9.0/10
GFE illusion: 6.0/10
Available services: 8.8/10
Quality of available services: 8.6/10
Hygiene Standard: 9.5/10
English level: 5.0/10
Premises: 5.5/10
Smoker status: Non-smoker (at least no indications for the opposite. She uses mouthwash too)
Tattoos: None
Non-ear piercings: Navel
Pubic hair: Fully shaven
Quality/price ratio: Fair

1. Cleo – 001 London Escorts, 2. Cleo – Abella escorts, 3. Cleo – Angles of London , 4. Cleo – Aurora Escorts, 5. Cleo – Agency Barracuda , 6. Cleo – Dating London escorts, 7. Cleo – Eternity Girls, 8. Cleo – Harmony escorts, 9. Cleo – Loyalty escorts, 10. Cleo – Perfect London escorts, 11. Cleo – Premier Models UK, 12. Cleo – Rosebud escorts, 13. Cleo – Satisfaction London, 14. Cleo – Top Secret Escorts, 15. Soraya – Abby69 escorts , 16. Debbie – Admiral Escorts, 17. Muna – Babes of London, 18. Melisandra – Diva escorts, 19. Anisa – London Escorts Imperial, 20. Oxana – Park Lane and Mayfair escorts, 21. Clarissa – Peachy escorts

positive=4.5 or 5 stars, mostly positive=3.5 or 4 stars, mixed=2 or 3 stars, negative=0 or 1 stars
neutral=something that either doesn't bother me personally generally or didn't bother me at the time although it would be preferable if it were available or avoided (depending on the subject). It might be decisive for others though that is why is mentioned.

On UKP: none, On Agencies: 1, 2, 3, 4

Offline megadik

Happy you had a great punt..

A well written thorough review.. :hi: :hi: (normal as per your standard..)

Offline Jason

I am quite sure (not 100% but 90%) that the girl in the pictures that currently appear on this Adultwork profile (Camilla.busty: https://www.adultwork.com/2341999) is the girl I reviewed above as Cleo. Below are the pictures displayed. Even if this turns out to not be Cleo (something I strongly doubt as I am pretty confident it IS her) these pictures are 100% accurate about Cleo’s body in person. Also worth mentioning that what the girl in the AW pictures wears is, I think what Cleo was wearing when I met her. If it is not exactly that then is at least something almost identical. Also the place the pics were taken is again reminding her studio flat. The only thing that makes me somewhat doubtful is the tattoo on the thigh which I can’t recall. Perhaps she had one since I met her though.

This AW profile belongs to the group Busty London Escorts. I am pretty sure the profile was verified with a different girl since its creation and it is just recycled to be used by a currently active girl. This should explain why the verified nationality is Hungarian while Cleo is Romanian and why the profile exists since 2014 while Cleo came to the UK in 2016. Also if I am not mistaken I have read somewhere (I think it was a post by West8 who while being a malicious, banned snake I don't think he was bullshitting on this topic) that this group is linked to/owned by the person who owns the agency Babes of London. And surprise-surprise out of all 20+ agencies where Cleo advertises her profile on Babes of London (under the name Muna) is the only one featuring two body selfies (the rest of her agency profiles have professional photoshopped pictures only).

Note though that the agency selfies (especially the one on the right) don't resemble her very much. Also definitely they were not taken at the place/studio I met her. Anyway the AW pics though (hers or not) are spot on.

Offline scarebear

Jason, you are correct about the AW profile.

Ive just subscribed to her PG and the pictures are the ones on the agency websites!.

Anyway not to worry, i have arranged via one of the agencies to see her tomorrow as i do fancy the pants off her!. I had very good comms with the agency as i had asked them if any of the girls they had (i have them a list) would be ok for me to film them with a mask on. And surprisingly they came back very quickly to me and said Cleo was ok with that for an extra £100. So as she was no 1 on my list i was very surprised. Lets hope tomorrow goes ok.

Review to follow.

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