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Author Topic: Things You Did Not Know You did NOT Like Until You Started Punting  (Read 4002 times)

Offline Sonny Crockett

Being messed about left, right and centre.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Sonny Crockett

Banning reason: Troll

Offline Oddbod

The hunting & planning stages of punt.
For me, it's more fun than dating ever was.
The thrill of the punt.
Even when it was the classified ads & phoneboxes.

Offline freeze44

too much make up and fake hair extentions have become a thing

Offline Sonny Crockett

Banning reason: Troll

Offline MrMatrix

Agreed services at start of booking and then don't deliver. Like CIM dodgers, Agreed FK and just get light lip contact.  :thumbsdown:
Thats why we need this site.  :thumbsup:

Offline freeze44

Fake oohs and ahhs.

yeah and while I think about it my perception of civilian girls has altered and don't believe half the shit I use too!

Offline Sonny Crockett

Poor comms

Having my time wasted

WGs not taking into consideration what I want

Flakey bullshit

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Banning reason: Troll

anything up my arse i.e prostrate massage

Offline uutarn

anything up my arse i.e prostrate massage
Other way round for me ;).

Not being able to do it as much as i would like  :dash:.
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Offline Sonny Crockett

Messy Rooms

Cramped Rooms

Warm Rooms

Cold Rooms

Dirty Bathrooms

No Bathrooms
Banning reason: Troll

anything up my arse i.e prostrate massage

+1 One of my early punts prossie put a finger up my arse. I almost hit the ceiling.

DFK & FK with girls I'm not that into

Offline Sonny Crockett

WGs that talk too much at the meet. I'm there for a fuck, not a chat..... Couldn't give a shit about what they say as it is all bullshit and evidently a timewasting tactic of theirs.
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Banning reason: Troll

Offline fairfield

Bony feet.
never thought about feet too much b4. But found really ugly plates of meat sticking up at you when ur climbing on the bed a real turn-off. Want to ask - can't u put put some socks/shoes on?

Offline Fagin Again

Girls who break off every now and then to say "I love sucking cock", or "Is that good?", or "I'm going shopping in a few minutes".

During oral sex – as in the trenches during World War I – it's always best to keep your head down.
Banning reason: Idiot

The taste of a habitual smoking lady's vagina. Yuck.

artificially long finger nails, especially if grasping Mister Happy.

Being left all alone in a strange room to take my clothes off while the lady disappeared with my money.

Blow jobs. I thought I'd just had bad ones, but unless it's a real sloppy deep throat fucking it does nothing for me at all.

Offline will-ow

Shy girls,  if i wanted a girl to be awkward about taking control  (changing positions  etc.) Then id pick one up in s bar!!

Offline Arley Hall

Being asked what my plans are for the rest of the day.

I'm not blaming the girl - she's just trying to make conversation - but the truth is often so boring I can hardly bring myself to say it ..... "Walking back to my car and driving home." ..... I feel I ought to have something else exciting planned, just to prove that I'm not a total saddo.

"Have you done all your Christmas shopping?" is another question I dread - mostly because I don't do Christmas shopping.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Arley Hall, Gwylan)

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