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Author Topic: Anyone Seen this escort - Chelsea Louise  (Read 460 times)


hey fellas, has anyone seen this escort called Chelsea Louise, she's based in Wakefield.

her prices are very steep for a Wakefield based escort  :scare: bloomin ell

does anyone know if this escort has a proper AW profile?  :unknown: want to research her a little more
I tried messaging her AZ profile but she hasn't been logged in since last year December 2015
I suspect she probably has more than a few profiles on the net, going to do a deep search on AW  :(

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well either it's late or I'm trying to pull wool over my own eyes  :sarcastic: but could there be a possibility these are the same WG?

http://www.ukadultzone.com/FemaleEscort/Wakefield/Chelsea/59168.html are they the same? https://www.adultwork.com/xCheekyxChelseax

I've read a few (older and newer) reviews of Cheeky Chelsea and it seems like it kind of reminds me of the AdultZone bio profile of Chelsea Louise in the sense that basing this on the older reviews of cheeky chelsea and the profile of chelsea louise that they were both shy at the start of punts but after "10 minutes" gets down to it. Assuming that they're both the same person this chelsea louise profile must be cheeky chelsea's old profile perhaps?  :unknown:

I've compared both profile stats and seems almost reasonable to say they could be the same person.

AdultZone Chelsea Louise -
Age: 18 - 20
Height: 5' 2"
Dress size: 8
Bust: 32B Natural
Hair color: Brown Medium
Eye Colour: Brown
Tattoos/piercings: Piercings (Visible)
Location: Wakefield

AdultWork Cheeky Chelsea
Age: 23
Height: 5' 3"
Dress Size: 12
Bust: 36E Natural
Hair: Blonde Long
Eye Colour: Blue
Non-Ear Piercings: None
Location: Leeds

I know they're not the exact same but it's reasonable to say she could've got taller, gotten bigger dress size, enhanced breasts/boobjob, dyed her hair, doesn't wear any piercings anymore/not when shes working etc. moved to leeds/work in leeds now, assuming her old profiles says shes 18-20 and cheeky chelsea is 23 now so its not completely far fetched in saying she got a little bit taller and bigger etc. could have got a boob job - could be lying on her AW profile saying they're natural who knows, the only thing that doesnt add up is the eye colours.

what do you fellas think? complete coincidence or top notch analytical skills?  :D

Offline stevedave

I've met Cheeky Chelsea a few times, they're definitely two different girls.

Online overdone

I've got the aw one on my hot list - I need to have some sex with that sexy blonde girl. The first lass doesn't do it for me but I really find the name Louise sexy

Offline Tykethat

I met Cheeky Chelsea last week. She is a not mixed race. Her A/W profile is accurate. She is beautiful, and well worth a visit.

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