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Author Topic: Sweet Sexy Sasha - Harrogate  (Read 746 times)

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Offline Tallboy2

In the words of mr Cueball ' out of my hotlist jumps this anal loving beauty' I booked this whore well in advance, I wanted 4.30pm as I needed to be elsewhere afterwards but she said that was not possible but 5pm would be OK. In the words of Mr Fish Food 'Cum the day Cum the Man'
I get there parked up at 5.40 and text her; no reply. So I keep texting and try ringing up until 5.10 until I get an apologetic response explaining her phone had been dead and she was running 20 mins behind as traffic was bad.
5.20 I text to say we have to leave it for another time and I  get an immediate response stating she is ready. I agree now on 45 mins as I'm pushed for time
Into the house and I'm greeted by a reasonably good looking lass. Body is gym fit no fat at all, dress size 8 at a guess,natural boobs. Face  is ok. Not the prettiest girl in the world.
I had requested her to be foul mouthed and I wanted WS.
I showered and she waited on the bed.
No WS was offered and she was not foul mouthed throughout.
So we are kissing and its proper DFK
Sex starts very quickly after some deep oral without and RO ( nice tasting puss with a little hairy mound)
She keeps telling me she wants my cock in her arse.
So in it goes but her pussy felt better. I request back to puss and this happens after s new jacket is applied.
Fucking in many positions including standing up, and I'm ready for my usual Cumming position of 69. So I'm tounging away in her lubey fanny and wanking myself till I'm near the vinegar strokes and ask her to finish me off.
Well her mouth is down on me in an instant and ,boom, I'm cumming in her mouth, she sits up and looks at me, my cum is dribbling down her chin and then she swallows whilst looking right at me. She then starts kissing me again.
All over I'm dressing quickly and out the door.

Conclusion: A positive,but only just, She did not listen to my requests and was 20 Mins late when she knew i needed to be elsewhere afterwards. Sex was good anything goes. She almost insisted on anal and CIM happened with swallow and j didn't ask for it. I can still see my spunk dribbling down her face!
No real passion - just dirty hardcore sex


Got 45 mins for a hundred coins
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6 review(s) found for sweet^sexy^sasha linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline pussypilot

Tallboy is her arse a bit on the slack side then?   :vomit:  :lol:
Banning reason: Abusive

Offline Tallboy2

Tallboy is her arse a bit on the slack side then?   :vomit:  :lol:
Seemed to be and I am not small. Puss felt nice though

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