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Author Topic: Roxy Domina  (Read 2749 times)

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Offline HughJardon

Ive see her twice and tried for a 3rd time about 10 days ago, when I asked is Roxy available the answer was a resounding yes, the girl then sent me a postcode to a place down Grangetown, and not the original venue in Splott.
Bit of a nightmare as I would like to revisit her, I think the brunette girl was Boosty, the link above, she looked ok tall big tits but I got an unfriendly vibe from her. Im sure Roxy has gone on hols, hope she returns, as ever if I hear anything I will post up the info.

Offline biker-boy

No, it wasn't Booty; some little stick insect of a girl instead, and it definitely wasn't Splott either, but it didn't matter. It was still an attempt to pull a scam on me. I've always tried to be a trusting soul in my life; this business has severely dented that principle.
Oh well, her loss - I have bigger and better 'events' looming closer.

I booked to see her a few weeks ago too.  Comes all good, confirming time and what I wanted.  When I text back to get address no reply.  Tried a few texts and calls, nothing!

Don't think I'll bother again!  :bomb:

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