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Author Topic: Worst Romanian Profile Names on AdultWork  (Read 357 times)

on my travels trough online porn and what have, iv always been amused (not turned on) by the shite names on the profiles of romans! You see English not being my mother tongue I can kinda see what the Romanians are trying to get across, but because they cant spek englisssh(see what I did there? :)) it fails terribly!
in my native tongue we have male and female names and often put noun before the adjective. so if I were to translate from word to word I would say,
"that is a table big" rather than saying that is a "big table"
hope this makes some kinda sense if it doesn't well its not my fault as I was told I had a spelling age of 9 when I was 15!(but a reading age of 16!)
to kick things of... Pussy For free95.. anyone have the number for trading standards?! it may be a pussy but it wont be free! www.adultwork.com/3199339
and also this as a such a shit name for a profile ... come on man I mean for fucks sake!
missy hardsports give www.adultwork.com/3351872

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Anyone who studied Latin at school, or knows some French, will understand exactly what you mean.
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