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Author Topic: Tantric massages - Devon  (Read 1835 times)

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Offline Leveve

These two bookings were not normal punts as such and this may be of little interest to many punters. However, since these SPs were mentioned in a previous thread here the info might be of some use to anyone considering a booking  :hi:


Crystal Sky Tantra – Ashburton

Sep 2015 (memory of this one getting a bit vaguer now)
1hr = £80



Bit of email and text ping pong (she had an AW profile at the time). Replied to me promptly and I made a booking for a couple of days later. Don’t think we actually spoke on the phone.
Had to pay £30 by bank transfer. I know many would never do this but she was clearly 100% legit and I’m single so no OH to query ‘CSTherapies’ entry on bank statement. I’ve had no problems from doing it.


Massage room in a quiet therapies and office suite building on outskirts of town. She had set up a futon style bed on floor and services delivered here, not on massage table. Parking was available on road outside building.


Slim, petite body and nice boobs (from what I could tell). Pretty face. Late 30s but could pass as a bit younger. She remained clothed throughout but I was naked.


Very enjoyable sensual massage followed by handjob using different grips and with breathing exercises. I didn’t cum but thats soley due to my own delayed ejaculation issue, others probably would no problem from her technique.
The experience was OK. Basically a much better massage and handjob than average but nothing else. I found it a bit frustrating that I couldn’t put my hands on her as she is quite fit.
I will say she was a lot more down to earth than the magic crystals/ spiritual energy/ hippy chick appearance from some of her photos.

Devon Tantric Massage For Men (Katrina) – Paignton

Mar 2016
2hrs = £120



Answered my first call. Brief, friendly, professional conversation. She emphasised that this was not an escort service and that touching cock was only a small part of the service. Arranged booking for the next day and she gave me a postcode.


Detached massage studio up a short lane on outskirts of town. Very professional setup – reception room,  changing room with shower, massage room (see photos on website)
Parked in a hotel car park 2 mins down road.

A fair bit heavier than her photo, an averagely attractive, early middle age black woman with a Caribbean (or maybe African?) accent.


Very friendly and professional lady. We were both naked. Really excellent sensual massage with hands, feathers, silk.
Body to body massage with lots of oil – don’t know how it compares to NURU (not as sexual maybe?) but sloppy and nice.
Limited amount of hand job, to be fair she said emphasis was not on this
Seems to know her stuff and very skilled. She was quite disapproving of prossies advertising tantric massage when they don’t really do it or have any knowledge/ skill/ training (was a bit disapproving of prossies generally actually, I had to suppress a smirk when she informed me that now I had experienced tantra I was on a new leg of my journey and I wouldn't need to see escorts anymore  :rolleyes: erm, yeah right... ok then  :D)
Some of the associated ritual and theatrics of the service might be a bit OTT for many


Obviously its a big subject which I don’t know much about as only had these introductory type sessions. Basically I just enjoyed the experiences for what they were (not real punts). Sometimes I feel like more than a legit massage gives but less than full service sex.
In the final analysis I’d say nowhere near as good as a great punt but much better than a shite one though.
I may return to one or the other at some point in the future but I won’t rush back while my AW hotlist is calling.
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Offline Cornish sub

Bloody hell, Katrina, she's a blast from my past. I saw her 3, maybe 4 times two or three years ago. As you say, she definitely knows her stuff, but I always left there frustrated as fuck because her handjob technique was so good but she kept stopping just as I was nearing cumming, then concentrated on other bodyparts before returning to my cock, only to go through the process again. And that would happen maybe 4 times each session. Frustrating as fuck. Like you, I also found the ritual stuff very cringeworthy.

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