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Author Topic: Adultwork profiles  (Read 294 times)

Offline MrKeen

I am still new on here and having reviewed many profiles and reviews on here I assume that the service providers are picking from drop down phrases since there is so much similarity in responses, most obvious in the Q&A section. Even more obvious when you read a review that the punter has pointed out the language problems they had.  Also do AW sell all the uniforms, All the WG's seem to have the same version of school uniform (unlike any school uniform any of us have ever seen). I only raise it as it has become clear to me you have to really read between the lines to reduce the risk of getting conned.
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Welcome to punting and the mysteries / bullshit in AW profiles.

View everything with suspicion and assume it's designed to hook you in and won't be delivered in the actual punt, if a girl has been positively reviewed on here by well respected members who review then you can start to build a degree of confidence however service levels can still be quite variable / random

Duplication of text and images used could be the work of a pimp with limited creative skills

Take a look at the profiles and photographs of a few Romanian girls. They all claim to offer the same very extensive list of services (and don't). And their photographs are almost invariably heavily-airbrushed, so that they all look like clones of one another. There must be a profile-producing factory somewhere in Bucharest.
If you're new to the site and new to punting, please not that the general consensus is that young Romanian girls want to get as much money off you as possible for as little work as they can get away with. And don't expect the "likes/dislikes" list to bear any resemblance to reality.

Offline pierrot

Girls in there 30s are always 29, and when they hit 40 it's always 39.

Offline sireel

Also do AW sell all the uniforms,
I've been wondering this lately too!.. Seems like practically every profile I view, AND girl I visit, they're wearing the same bloody thick black stockings with white stripes at the top. I hate them!

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