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Author Topic: Millie from Amour  (Read 1007 times)

Offline si_man

Hi popoed up north to see the folks thought Id have a punt while I'm here. Has anyone seen Millie from Amour


Offline peterdd18

Saw her a while ago but never got round to doing a review sorry. Very nice lass. Loved it hard doggy style but said I could only cum once in a 30 min appointment which stopped from going back. Location is a busy street was the only other downside

the way I am these days, I probably could only come once in 30 mins  :D :D

Offline 3rdManIn

She looks pretty spectacular, mind. Pics accurate? Nice place? Far from the city centre?
I was thinking of a massage(+) tomorrow, but this has me tempted. My only issue is I don't have a punting phone and using my own is a concern (1st punt).

Offline 3rdManIn

Ah, just seen she's not working tomorrow and is out in Ryhope, so not likely to work for me.


the way I am these days, I probably could only come once in 30 mins  :D :D
ditto  :drinks:

Offline Looking4fun

I've been told she's been very good since joining amour,she's on my hl

Offline Blackhawk

I was going to see her when she worked for NNE in their Sunderland flat a while back but when I quizzed her at the door about OWO she replied "I don't do that sort of thing" so I walked - she tried to stop me by ringing the agency owner and sticking the phone in my hand needless to say I wasn't having any or it and walked anyway! Can't comment on her attitude now but previous reviews on here would suggest approach with caution at best.

Offline si_man

I went for Katy from Allure just left a review


You have just reminded me, must go and see Katy again :drinks:

Offline Graeme82

Katy does sound quality. May have to try myself

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