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Author Topic: Lingam in london  (Read 1096 times)

Id like to try proper lingam massage. Looking for recommendation from fellow punters.
I'm trying to avoid the useless  back massage and final quick hr places. I want a real one, where they spend like 80% of time on the old fella other than me. Not looking for full service
There are way too many offerings, can't afford to try them all! 😜

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Offline LL

Ok I had to look it up.

Lingam (Sanskrit for "shaft of light") is the term for the Hindu god Shiva as represented by a phallus (erect male organ). Usually found in conjunction with the Yoni ('vulva") which represents the goddess Shakti - the source of Creative Energy. They co-join to form Bhrama - the Universe. This is the Hindu Trilogy; the representation of the twins of Creation and Destruction as the highest manifestations or aspects of the One (Bhrama).

TL;DR: Lingham = cock!

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Off topic, the user name remind me of this video Jizz In My Pants  :lol:


Search is your friend

Here is a review of one of the more popular girls, she suggested lingham massage to the bellend that wrote the review.


Search is your friend, he will be loyal to you, however many times you use him !

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