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Author Topic: Jade Fox (Birmingham tour)  (Read 986 times)

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Offline dboy74

Meet - 1-hour incall
Location - Serviced apartment near Barclaycard Arena
Price - £130 (booking confirmed before price change)


This meet was arranged several weeks ago via UKE. The comms were excellent with Jade confirming the location and ensuring that she knew my outfit request in advance of her travel from Spain. On the day I received final confirmation of the apartment number by text.

Upon arrival Jade was dressed as requested in black lingerie and stockings. Making made me very welcome with a drink and a quick chat to break the ice. I was then offered a shower and left her with the payment while I showered.

Following the shower I went into the bedroom to find Jade waiting for me. We got down to business with plenty of great DFK. I moved her thong to one side and started fingering her clit and then into her pussy, which she really responded too. She started wanking me and took my pre-cum and licked it off her fingers. I then slipped her thong off and moved down her body kissing her great boobs (pleasantly softer than I expected) on the way down. Started RO and rimming with door A and B very clean and tasty. There was plenty of vocal encouragement and really built up the intensity.

I then reverted back to fingering her and also placed one inside her bum while also playing with her clit. This lead to Jade's first orgasm and the mutual sharing and licking of my fingers afterwards.

Jade then instructed me to lie back and she got to work with some OWO, which she is very skilled at. She then moved down and basically buried her tongue in my asshole for the best rimming I have received. She also managed to maintain some eye contact as well  :) She then continued with the OWO whilst repaying the compliment and fingering my butthole. Getting into nice and deep.

She then placed a mac on dboy junior and climbed on for cowgirl and with a wardrobe mirror down one side of the room got a great view of her grinding on me. She really gets into it crying out my name several times. Always like the personal touch  ;) This culminated into her second orgasm.

Decided to swap positions and moved into missionary with her legs pinned up wrapped around my ears. She can really take a pounding and again loves to provide some dirty talk during proceedings.

Time was moving on, so decided I wanted to finish the meet with more OWO and Jade happily provided this and seemed to enjoy the couple of occasions I pushed her head down further for some DT. The quality of her oral meant I could hold out no longer and resulted in me emptying my balls into her mouth, which she gleefully swallowed and thanked me for her protein fix of the day  :D

We had run over slightly, but still allowed me to shower and freshen up before leaving. Not sure when she is touring again in Brum, but know she is visiting London and Manchester, so another punter might pick up this review and hopefully find it useful.

I would highly recommend when she does return to the West Mids.


26 review(s) found for Jade_Fox linked to in above post (26 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline ciscoxxx69

Fantastic review of MJF  :hi:

in my experience she is Sex on Legs.
She oozes sex appeal, has a fantastic body built for sex and above all, a great attitude!  :yahoo:

I absolutely love a girl that takes a filthy facial.....
No running away to clean up here, we were chatting for several minutes 'post pop' with my spunk still dripping off her chin and onto those massive fake tits!
Sexyasfuckingfuck  :wacko:

Offline UmbertoEco

Thanks for a great review that brings back filthy memories. I had a booking with her in West London before joining UKP.

I would add that she is probably one of the top 5 deepthroat providers I have seen.
Banning reason: Previously banned (GBush)

Offline azrael

Thanks for the review DB. Not quite sure how this one slipt through,  damm shame oh well onto the hl for now. Fingers crossed  :drinks:

Offline Juankerr

Good review dboy, pleased you had a good time  :hi:

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