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Author Topic: LAPC - Dagenham  (Read 633 times)

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Offline 3HK


Location : Dagenham
£60 + 10 for the locker

I had my first LAPC experience last night, I was in East London and couldn't resist the temptation. I read through the reviews on here and decided to go for it.

Got there around 8:30, got changed and had a wander, all the rooms were busy apart from one which was empty. I waited near the empty room, a lady came and I partied with her. Ended up with 5 different women & 3 pops.. 1 African lady, 2 Dominicans & 2 Brazilians, decent value. The girls were very enthusiastic, very welcoming and made you feel at ease. OW and positions were available, they let you pound away and a few of them got really into it and wet without lube. There were 11 girls last night, a few nice ones, nothing amazing, I wouldn't punt any of them individually in fact I doubt any would make my HL on AW but it was good value.

There were a few men present but not loads so the ratio was about 3-1, I was buzzing around the place looking for free rooms all night lol some guys took too long and others couldn't get hard, the girls were quite patient with them. Over heard one chap complaining to a girl about people watching him, if that kind of thing bothers you and interferes with your stroke game then this place isn't for you because the guys huddle by the door to queue and watch.

Great night, I really enjoyed myself and I will be returning.

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