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Author Topic: Worcester Czech house - Pat B, Nasty Matia etc  (Read 801 times)

The usual girls that swap every couple of weeks don't seem to have been there lately.
I know Sweet Aaliyah is coming back at the end of April.Am i missing any new girls that are there now? Any info would be appreciated  :hi:

Offline bod666

The girls seem to cycle through 2 weeks there then 2 weeks back home. Some of them seem to have quit and there are no new ones (as far as I can see). No one new has come up on my searches anyway  :unknown:

I noticed that too, I have the day off today so was looking for a bit of fun.

Offline Jockey

Visited liz from gumtree. Previously mentioned a few times I am sorry I have lost the link will add it later.

I went for a 1 hour massage with her and I must say I am surprised she does not get FULL all day as she is great vfm

£60 - 1 hour b2b.

I request how much for 2 x HR. It was included in the price :wackogirl: :wackogirl: :wackogirl:

So when I arrive, Im on the bed which is low down to the ground,She Is fully nude during the masage, nice dark room with heaters on. She gives me a nice massage around the area and than slow sensual strokes added and than the first HR. She allowed gentle touching of her body and I shot my load.

She than gave me a nice massage for around 15 minutes with hand and than started the B2B. WOW. unlike the thai girls who rub their tits on you for 2 minutes liz was gliding up and down me with her hands all over my body, slow tingles up my legs and wow this lasted 15 minutes.

Move to the front, she re-heats some oil , once again gliding up and down me with her all over me... boobs all over the old fellow and she starts HR 2

Still allowing gentle touching and feels of her amazing boobs. After HR 2 was complete. I had a shower and left. Checked the time and I was well over my 60 minutes.

This lady gives you vfm yet is hardly spoke about.

 :yahoo: :yahoo: All In All  :yahoo: :yahoo: After 2 x HR and only £60 I fely over the moon :yahoo: :yahoo:

What's that got to do with the question about the Czech house?  :unknown:

Offline Dodo

Jockey, can you give some info about the lady please. Age, looks, demeanour etc.
Banning reason: Making false claims against moderation

Offline Roadster

Would really like to see that link Jockey please

There's a Lin advertising b2b massage for £60 an hr on gumtree https://www.gumtree.com/p/deep-tissue-massage-services/deep-tissue-massage-relaxing-full-boby-massage/1146658585 - is this your Liz?
It's crap service,  not great looking, provides full service but really not worth it, and the massage is not sensual in the slightest have been waiting to do review so she don't twig who I am

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