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Author Topic: Romford babes / Mia / Selena / Kris  (Read 332 times)

Offline Mendra

Does any know what happened to the tall blond girl who used to work from Romford centre 1st floor flat about 3 or 4 years ago. Well spoken English, model body like. She was a stunner and fucked like a train. I bumped into her once working as a maid in a terraced house in Spitalfields next to Bishops Square. She tried to match me with one of the girls but it was her I wanted. Lost my phone hence her number to. Think she was called Chris or Kris. Must have been 6ft tall nice rack of silicon nuts. I can't forget she used to say "when did I not make you come" she once gave me a chocolate xmas present.  I bet another punter probably gave her that lol. Bliss. I gave it to a gave begging outside Romford station.

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