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Author Topic: Preventing STD's?  (Read 1962 times)

Offline Knny

Simply red,  thanks for your post.  I think there has been an increase in the number of trolls who have been banned recently and perhaps that is why newer members are viewed with initial suspicion.

I agree with you on the precautionary measures.  But I guess I'm just not brave enough for OWO or RO yet.  I'm sure I'll convince myself to try it soon, but only with the more up market girls and not the vivastreet ones I've tried recently.

I still think that if you can you should do a gentle warm shower wash after a session.  Not least to get rid of any surface germs, but also to feel clean again.

Offline Marmalade

I don't follow your logic. In some posts you state you don't bareback on others you imply you do. Either way, barebacking (vaginal) is very much a minority activity among British punters and almost (but not entirely) frowned on. I understand that there are some bareback clubs in Germany that go in for all that pre-testing stuff but I don't think there is anything of that nature here. If your punting relates to that sort of thing in Germany then it should go in the German (Europe) Section. Then again, it is not entirely clear what you consider to be punting (and to be honest I doubt if many on this primarily UK board care). I don't think your 1 in 20 statistic is generally applicable, or even of that much general interest. If posting in the main UK Punting discussion section, then it is your participation in paid sex (whether one-on-one or flat-rate parties) that is of interest. If you post some reviews in the reviews sections with venues, links, costs and what services you received, activities performed, that would perhaps be interesting too. Vague medical generalisation that don't really apply to many, if any, other members, smell a bit of scaremongering. At the very least, I think your punting or sexual activity would appear non-typical and not a helpful guide.

I agree that herpes is largely asymptomatic in most people, and by the way the frequent delayed onset makes it almost impossible to attribute to a specific encounter.

Offline Knny

Marmalade. I hope you didn't misread any of my posts suggesting I do bareback.  I am quite vanilla and hardly even dfk.

@Marmalade...sorry are you referring to me or the poster prior?

In any case, I live in the Uk and outside of Asia have never punted anywhere else and never would engage in bareback sex (vaginal or anal) with a prostitute.  I have engaged in owo many times as ow is not particularly enjoyable but clearly with my string of negative outcomes I'm inclined to rethink this.

You are free to disregard my comments if they are against your views.  I'm simply sharing my own experiences.

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