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Author Topic: Refuel/Recum time worry as 30hrs now not 30mins!  (Read 414 times)

Offline GreyDave

 :hi: Hi Just wondered if any one else out there had any experience of this my refuel and ability to recum is now at about 24-36 hrs :scare:

I am 55 and ok fit wise average build and think I eat healthly I drink 4-5 coffes or tea a1-2litres of water. I am getting miffed about this as I was asked to leave a walk up yesterday afternoon (time ran out)  :(

Offline 123Mel456

Had a similar problem which the Dr put down to to a stress / anxiety related cause (another story), was given Viagra and told to drink 2 ltrs of water minimum each day
Now stress has gone and completely rampant again.  Viagra keeps the old pecker up and can manage 3 pops in an hour now :)    Mrs doesn't know what has hit her and still got plenty left for the odd punt unless it is like today (wait for it sob story coming) and can't find anything available after cancellation and regular not avail.... grrrr.. So don't know your circumstances but of stress is a problem then maybe cause without even realsing?
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Offline GreyDave

Steve its following you mate that has caused this :D :D :D

I seem to remember when we passed at a well known Hungarian lady`s apt you told me you had warmed her up for me  :D :D

Any others lately?

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