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Author Topic: Crystal - spanish - Soho walkup - 4 Lisle st  (Read 338 times)

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Offline megadik

This is my first Soho walkup..

Thanks for everyone for sharing your knowledge  :hi: especially this thread: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=25017.0

Went to the top floor, flat 4 i think and knocked the door.

Crystal - Spanish, age may be late 20s, B cup natural boobs, dark hair, about 5' 4" height, slim, decent english.

As it happened:
I was in central london, needed a quick pump and dump. Went to this flat and knocked. Maid opened and said the WG is busy and asked me to wait for 10 mins.

WG finished with another punter in 15 minutes (i could hear her in another room) and came to me. Asked me what I want (sex in missionary is £20, with different position is £30, and BJ is £10 extra). Opted for sex+ positions for £30. Paid her money and tip £2 for the maid. she disappeared.

She returned and started to undress herself and asked me to undress. When I tried to kiss/lick her boobs she said, kissing is not included. Seriously?

Gave me a HJ to get it erect. Condom on. Asked me which position I wanted. Asked her to be on top (Cow Girl) and she started pounding it.
She wan not allowing full penetration  :mad: as she is not lowering fully. I then started pumping my dick up when she lowered for full penetration  :D

Then we switched to doggy style. She didn't raise her arse and it was difficult for full penetration. When I told her to position correctly, she said I am to tall. 'Knee to hip' length for a 5 foot man and a 6 foot man varies only few inches. Clearly she is not allowing full penetration.

Asked her 'what is your fav position?' she said 'that doesn't matter'.. I said to myself "alright if you want me to treat you like a machine, I will do ".

Switched to missionary and pushed all the way deep into her pussy and pounded for good few minutes and I came.

The (w)hole action lasted about 12 minutes.  :)

- Facially attractive.
- speaks  decent english
- [Not about the girl, but the Zoho walkup] Much cheaper and sustainable :cool: than 15 mins punt with most WGs.

- (a big negative for me) Not allowing full penetration - may be due to previous punter just left and there is no time to recover for her.
- A big bin full of tissues and used condoms, would be nice if cleaned more frequently.

- Not allowing to kiss or lick any body parts. On a hind sight, I don't want to lick the same thing the previous punter licked.

Will i return:
Only if I am horny and roaming in that area.

Comparing with my normal punts (non walkup punt) this is a negative for me. Giving it a neutral as I have not visited other Soho flats and can't compare...

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