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Author Topic: sweet_ginger_ - Slough  (Read 1387 times)

14 review(s) for sexy_ginger_ (10 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline SamLP

https://www.adultwork.com/3088906 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet%5Fginger%5F

Firstly thanks to The_Don for recommending Julie to me. I doubted I would see her as she is out of my way geographically but a chance presented itself when I was travelling South of England and decided to contact Julie on my way back to London. Comms were good, and over the phone Julie was very soft spoken. She initially forgot to send me the address so I had to contact her again to have her send it.

Now this punt was very nearly a negative as Julie seemed surprised when I arrived and called her. She asked for 5 minutes to get ready, then texted back after 5 minutes asking for another 5 minutes. Still waiting I texted to ask how much longer and she replied with a minute but that extended to another 5 minutes so after nearly 20 minutes and a further call and text that went unanswered I drove off. A minute later she sent a text with the flat number. I called her to say I had left and she asked if I could return which I did as she seemed very nice.

On arrival she immediately pulled me in for a passionate kiss and said sorry, she apparently thought I wouldn't turn up. We were kissing at the door for a couple of minutes before going to the bedroom. Julie is a tall girl, it's been mentioned she looks like Keira Knightley and while there are similarities it's mainly her facial bone structure. The punt was very passionate, she excels in kissing and is up there with some of the better kissers I've had. She was very wet and had a soppy pussy when I fingered her. She was very complimentary throughout. She gave me a little oral with was good and she tried to DT but being horny I wanted to fuck her. A long sweaty session in mish mainly in deep stick . She made all the right noises and was kissing like a true gfe. No rush and even when her friend knocked on the door she just laughed and continued kissing and chatting before offering me a shower before I left.

Would definitely recommend and if she were closer I would see her regularly. My only negative was I should of booked an hour but I was running late getting back to London which didn't help with the waiting around at the beginning. A thoroughly enjoyable punt with a girl who excels in the gf experience.

14 review(s) found for sexy_ginger_ linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline TallnHung

Thanks for the review.
I've been looking for someone to fulfil my redhead fantasy and her body looks great.
Add the DFK and Im in ;)  One for the HL :)

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