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Author Topic: Lode Lane, Solihull - FBSM  (Read 1555 times)

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Same place as recently reviewed by others so will "try" to be brief.  Visited at lunch time today.

The Damage : £60 for 1 hour oil massage with HE

Location : Safe "Sports rehab" fronted shop in nice residential area.  Plenty parking and no concerns

Comms : Text messages to ask what girls were available.  Quick reply saying two girls around 25yo available.  Asked about B2B but told they don't offer that

Got there and parked up in safe pleasant enough residential area then walked over to shop.  Walked in and down to the desk where a chubby looking Chinese girl greeted me and ushered me in to the first room.  Straight away I'm thinking "hmmm oh well"  but then a different girl walked in luckily.  She had a nice trim body but was certainly more 35 than 25 but nothing too worrying.  Boat race is average, no stunner but I'm gonna be face down most of this anyway ha!  Quick strip off by me and onto the table.  "Hard massage yes?" Felt obliged to say yes but I'm glad I did as it was a very good deep massage.  Had a crappy shoulder last few weeks so it was just the ticket.  Nice use of oil and certainly can't complain about the massage which was thorough and effective.  During the thighs and leg massage there was plenty of encouragement with hands drifting up and catching the ball bag..happy days.  45 mins in she asks me to spin over and I oblige... About 30 seconds of token chest massage then warm oil all over the old man and so begins some nice hand work that had me standing to attention after a few mins.  Ain't gonna lie I just let her get on with it rather than watching cos visually she didn't do much for me but her wank technique was on point.  About 5 mins of that and it was jizz time.  Cleaned up the mess for me using paper towels etc and damped me down.  Some more work on my arms for last ten mins and job done!

Good effective deep massage.. Did the job
Clean well kept place
Nice area not seedy at all
Easy to arrange
Nice wank technique with plentiful warm oil

Not the age they said but nothing new there
She didn't say much if anything..but in truth I didn't make conversation either so can't complain
Didn't do much for me visually... Body very nice but face not all that (just a personal thing tho I'm more into Thai's than Chinese if I'm going oriental)

Perfectly good massage and decent HE that I enjoyed so I can't complain at all.  Was definitely more emphasise on the effectiveness of the massage rather than saying I was particularly turned on at all during the visit aside from the 5-10 mins of Wank-time.

Would I return?
Yes...probably...but more so if I need an actual massage (with a bit of HE bonus) than if I was actually horny and in need of emptying!

LG100 (failing miserably at being "brief"....again!)  :dash:
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